Where To Buy The Best Wood Cocktail Tables For Your Party Rental Company or Event Venue

Where To Buy The Best Wood Cocktail Tables For Your Party Rental Company or Event Venue
By Connor Rusinko
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Where To Buy The Best Wood Cocktail Tables For Your Party Rental Company or Event Venue

Did you know that the earliest "coffee tables" construction were actually what we know today as the popular cocktail table or "high top table"?

If Wikipedia is to be trusted, these bar tables were first introduced during the victorian period and mass produced in the UK from 1837-1901.

With all the political upheaval and revolutions across Europe at the time, it's no wonder why these tables were made for a couple of lads to take a load off with a pint after fighting the power all day. 

Even today, whether they be round or square, wood or metal, Cocktail Tables have this unique and inherint value that invites conversation and comrardary of all sorts

It's safe to say no event is complete without a few high top tables, right? They're a permanent fixture in any event venue, ballroom or restaurant like 'A Few Good Men' airing on a raindy sunday(more on this later).

If you're a party rental company, event venue, conference center or even a brewery/winery, Cocktail Tables are a must. If a customer hasn't asked about them - they will.

In this post we'll go over where you can find the best Cocktail Tables, why some outlets are better than others, and how you can get the best deal when it's time to buy. To top it offwe'll somehow tie in the Tom Cruise movie catalog along the way. 

Where Can I Buy Cocktail Tables?

If you're looking for a quick purchase from the big box stores with a google search of "cocktail tables" you might find yourself disappointed in what you're paying for.

In fact, the version of Cocktail Tables from Walmart or Overstock Cocktail Tables are not the bar height or high top tables at all. It's more of a coffee table design.

You'll see the same result if you look to other online stores like Crate and Barrel or Target and Home Depot.

Not suprising that ecommerce sites geared toward home life would sell tables dedicated that are more dedicated for residential use.

And this isn't a bad thing. There's a need for these tables, obviously. They are like serious Tom Cruise movies through the 80's and early 90's.

A Few Good Men is a great, dramatic movie. Jerry Maguire is iconic. I'll watch it 10/10 times it's on TV when I'm scrolling on a lazy weekend(Rod Tidwell. Same for Rain Man and Born on The Fourth of July. 

Me and a box of tissues(for allergies, duh) will be right there with you when you're in need of a serious Cruise joint.

But those are coffee table design movies. You didn't come here because you're interested in that.

You want party ready cocktail tables that are as easy to set up as they are to break down. You want to be locked and loaded from venue to venue. Ready to burn and earn.

You want every Mission Impossible movie at your finger tips. Less tears, more cheers. You want Cocktail Tables from EventStable.

Wooden Cocktail Tables From EventStable

With the aformentioned big box stores above, I didn't neglect to check out the big bully in the room - Amazon. 

If you're in need of a single folding cocktail table for a replacement or what have you, Amazon is probably the way to go.

What Amazon lacks in customer service and customer care, they make up for it with how easy it is to use their platform, even if you're buying for a shadow seller most of time.

Speaking of shadow sellers, you won't find that same experience when you buy from the experts over here at EventStable.

If you're ready to outfit your venue or diversify your party rental inventory, EventStable is here to make sure you're getting the best cocktail tables for the best price with the best customer experience possible. 

When you're making a large purchase, you want to know what you're getting right and who you're getting it from, right? Let's go back to the Tom Cruise movie analogy.

Days of Thunder, Top Gun, all 567 Mission Impossible movies, Edge of Tomorrow, War of the Worlds. Tommy baby goes up against unprecedented odds, faces hardship along the way, eventually comes out on top and he gets the girl or totally redeems himself.

That's how every movie goes but it doesn't make it any less entertaining. You know what you're getting yourself into. You depend on it because it's great and the quality is consistent.

See a theme here? Commercial grade wooden cocktail tables for parties from EventStable are that movie you can always turn to and rely on.

Whether you need 30'' round tables or 36'' squares, all of our tables come with both 30'' and 42'' poles for regular dining height or high top bar seating.

In addition, all are constructed with ¾'' thick plywood and heavy-duty vinyl edging for years of heavy duty use. So, just like our Titan Series Banquet Tables, only smaller and easier to break down and movie around.

When it's time to buy cocktail tables in bulk, We have quantity discounts available for large purchases.

So you can save even more, we offer bundle package featuring 10 of our 24'', 30'' or 36'' cocktail tables with our cocktail table cart. 

This is the ultimate deal for any party rental company or event venue looking to streamline your transportaton and storage process and save some bucks along the way.

When you've decided on which cocktail tables from EventStable are best for you, check out our recent post on how to put together your high top tables!

Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

May 10, 2020