When Should You Use Wide Banquet Tables?

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When Should You Use Wide Banquet Tables?

While most rental companies opt for wooden commercial banquet tables (more so than plastic) due to their durability and convenient linen sizing, they’re also such a commonly rented item that it’s essential to have plenty of them in your inventory. By stocking up early, you’ll never miss an opportunity for rental revenue.


However, when making your selection, what’s the best way to figure out what size tables your business needs? Party rental companies may need different tables than hotels or other venues, so depending on what sort of events you host will determine the best size for you. Larger commercial banquet tables are often overlooked by people new to the industry, but experts know that bigger tends to be better when it comes to these incredibly profitable rental items. Are wide banquet tables right for you? It’s time to find out.


When should I use a wide commercial banquet table?

Family Style Dining

If your events often feature communal seating with family-style dining, then wide (30” or wider) banquet tables are a fantastic option. Plus, banquet chairs (wholesale or retail) fit these commonly sized commercial banquet tables easily, so no matter if you’re a venue or even a consumer who loves to entertain, you can put together the whole package with ease.


The longer and wider the table, the better when it comes to buffet lines. 8ft banquet tables give you plenty of space for a buffet display that looks great and keeps people moving. And when the dance floor is calling at a wedding, people want to eat and boogie as soon as possible!

Another unique display option are opting for serpentine banquet tables. Their elegant look still fits most standard linens and provides a refreshing approach to decor that rectangular or round tables simply can’t beat.

Corporate Events

If you are a hotel or venue that often caters to corporate clients, then 6 ft banquet tables are your best friends. Available in both wood and plastic, these workhorses of the rental industry are absolutely perfect for conferences, picnics… you name it. Plus, as one of the most common table lengths, you won’t have any trouble bundling these banquet chairs and tables to offer your clients as a package deal.

Permanent Tables

If you’re looking for wholesale banquet tables for permanent use like at a restaurant, bar, or retail store, then you have your choice of standard-width wooden banquet tables (excellent durability) or plastic tables (for the budget conscious). Simply measure your space to calculate how many you need and call Event Stable at 866-360-4642 for the best deal (and get free shipping on 10+ of the same table or orders over $2,000!)

Personal Use

Wide or narrow, round or rectangular, when it comes to personal use, Event Stable still has you covered. You can get high quality commercial banquet tables without needing a rental business — just give us a call and we can help you find the right equipment for your home needs!

If you’re short on space but love to entertain, we recommend folding banquet tables so you can store them in your shed or garage when you aren’t entertaining.

Commercial banquet tables may come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t let the huge selection overwhelm you. From the popular 60” wooden round tables to extra wide rectangular folding tables, Event Stable has plenty to choose from so that you can create a custom inventory that fits your exact needs. Plus, as  one of the premier banquet furniture suppliers in the industry, you can buy banquet tables with confidence and enjoy free shipping on orders or 10+ tables.

It’s time to stop searching for commercial banquet tables and simply go straight to the source — Event Stable. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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