When Should You Buy Wholesale Tables and Chairs?

When Should You Buy Wholesale Tables and Chairs?
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By Connor Rusinko
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When Should You Buy Wholesale Tables and Chairs?

All furniture dies eventually. Table legs will splinter, tents will rip, and chair seats will sag under the weight of daily use. No matter how high-quality your furniture is, this decay is completely inevitable at some point.

As a rental company who relies on furniture performing its job day in and day out for years on end, how can you combat this seemingly lost cause?

Obviously, investing in durable furniture from the get-go is ideal, along with preventative maintenance, but there’s going to come a time when you simply need to acquire more wholesale tables and chairs.

When can you expect that to happen and how can you prepare for it? Here are some scenarios where you should be ready to stock up on new rental furniture.

You’re About To Open

It goes without saying that if you’re looking to launch a party rental company or open a new restaurant, hotel, or other guest-reliant venue, you’re going to need to find some wholesale tables and chairs pronto. Based on your size, decor scheme, and budget, this can either be a monumental challenge or simply another item on a long to-do list before opening your doors. Event Stable can help it be the latter. Just give us a call at 866-360-4642 when you’re ready to speak to a event furniture wholesale specialist to get started.

You’re Expanding

Whether you’re opening a new location or expanding your current operation, you’ll need to supplement your existing supply of rental furniture. And unless you want to start from scratch, you’ll need to find wholesale chairs and tables that match your inventory. Check out all of the wholesale folding tables, dollies, Chiavari chairs, etc. at Event Stable; we can help you expand without issue.

Keep up with current trends by offering a variety of rental furniture

You’re Out-of-Date

While Chiavari chairs continue to be the standard for weddings and formal affairs, new trends come and go as well. You don’t want to get left behind when every other party planner is asking for the new hot seating style and you don’t have it. If you’re working with hopelessly outdated styles, it’s time to re-evaluate your stock of wholesale folding chairs and tables to stay on the cutting edge of the rental industry.

Your Chairs & Tables Are Old

Finally, chairs and tables just wear out after time. Even party-tested, commercial grade furniture doesn’t last forever (although some last longer than others). When your banquet chairs are beat up and you don’t have enough cocktail tables that stand straight anymore, it’s time to replace them with new tables and event chairs; wholesale options are endless for those who have a reputable supplier like Event Stable.

When you inevitably find yourself in need of an event furniture wholesale dealer that you can trust, give us a call at 866-360-4642. We’ll be happy to get you on your way with expert advice and the best prices on everything rental.

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September 12, 2019