What's the Difference Between Polyester and Spandex Banquet Tablecloths?

What's the Difference Between Polyester and Spandex Banquet Tablecloths?

But how do you choose between the two? They tend to come in similar colors, price points, and fit most standard banquet tables, so really it comes down to your aesthetic tastes.

Here are some of the biggest differences between the two.

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It’s a classic tablecloth for a classic look. Not only are polyester tablecloths much more stain-resistant and easier to clean than cotton or silk, they’re so durable that they can hold up to the beating that they take at events. They’re also wrinkle-resistant, but keep in mind that no banquet tablecloths are ever fully wrinkle-proof, so still be sure to pack and store them properly to maintain crisp edges.

Event coordinators love polyester because it can withstand commercial laundering, which many party rental companies and venues opt for if they lack on-site cleaning facilities. Check your local listings to find affordable and trusted commercial laundry services capable of cleaning your tablecloths on a regular basis.

Event Stables’s wholesale tablecloths come in three colors: black, ivory, and white, as well as three different styles: round tablecloths, rectangular tablecloths, and napkins.

Depending on what size and shape of tables you have, many of these polyester banquet tablecloths will drape all the way to the floor or around halfway down. Be sure to check the size of your existing inventory to find the right length for you.

Available sizes:

  • 90'' Round
  • 108'' Round
  • 120'' Round
  • 132'' Round
  • 60''x102''
  • 60''x126''
  • 90''x132''
  • 90''x156''
  • 20'' Square to fit all your banquet table needs

Starting at $8.09, these polyester wholesale tablecloths are the industry standard. When in doubt, opt for polyester and you can’t go wrong.

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For those who seek a sleeker, more modern setup at their events, spandex tablecloths are the way to go. They work especially well snugly wrapped around cocktail tables, during trade shows, or on banquet tables in highly-trafficked areas during events. Spandex banquet tablecloths are also wrinkle-resistant - even more so than polyester, due to their taut weave.

Cleaning spandex tablecloths is also fairly simple. The main difference is just making sure you find a laundering method that maintains the integrity of the material without ripping or stretching it. You can still put spandex banquet tablecloths in a washing machine - just make sure that you use cold water and avoid bleach. Since ironing spandex is a no-no, be sure to fold up your tablecloths right after drying them (tumble dry only, low temperature).

Event Stable also offers more than just spandex tablecloths, which are available in black and white, round and rectangular. Be sure to peruse our spandex chair covers as well for a nice alternative to draped chair covers.

Available Sizes - Round:

  • Fitted for 30'' Cocktail Table
  • Fitted for 60''

Available Sizes - Rectangular:

  • Fitted for 6'x30''
  • Fitted for 8'x30''


Starting at $21.59 wholesale, spandex banquet tablecloths are a slightly higher price point, but since they’re more of a specialty item, you can command a higher rental rate. If you want to set yourself apart, consider adding spandex to your inventory.

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Once you’ve decided which banquet table linens for sale you’re going to add to your stock, or if you have any other questions about the differences between spandex and polyester banquet tablecloths, give us a call at 866-360-4642. Our linen experts are ready to help you put together your order. Best of all? All linen orders over $99 get free shipping!

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September 3, 2019