What's New? Oak Cross Back Chairs, Linens, and All-Terrain Dollies

What's New? Oak Cross Back Chairs, Linens, and All-Terrain Dollies
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What's New? Oak Cross Back Chairs, Linens, and All-Terrain Dollies

We're excited about a handful of new products here at EventStable.com.  We're always on the lookout for gear that will help our customers' businesses.  From additional Cross Back chairs that have become so popular to items that will make life easier, like spandex chiavari cushion covers and all-terrain dollies - our pursuit of new gear you'll love never ends.  

Oak Cross Back Chairs

We're excited to introduce a new line of cross back chairs, made from rugged oak wood.  Oak is a material known for strength and hardness, and is a perfect wood for commercial furniture, both for strength as well as appearance.

Our oak cross back chairs are available in three colors: natural, fruitwood, and antique fruitwood.

Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers

Our customers love our wood backed chiavari cushions, as well as our polyester cushion covers.  However the issue with the polyester covers is that if you don't remove them from the laundry right away, they can get wrinkled.  This is no longer an issue with stretchable spandex material.  Super easy to use with your cushions, just pop them on in any direction and you're ready for the next event.

Polyester Tablecloths

You asked for them, and we listened.  We've started out with a full line of sizes - everything from  90'' rounds to 8' table drapes.  Currently available in white, ivory and black colors.  Look out for additional sizes, colors and materials in the future.

Our polyester table cloths are heavyweight, commercial-grade linens intended for use by the busiest rental companies and event venues.

Milk Crates

Milk crates are perfect for storing just about anything.  Dishes, tent ratchets, extension cords, you name it.  For party rental companies, organization is key, and appearance is everything.  Ask us about custom-labeled milk crates.

Milk crates available in square (16 quart) and rectangular (24 qt) sizes.

All-Terrain Dolly

This one I'm really excited about.   A lot of our rental and event venue customers are always looking for a chair cart that can be rolled out on the grass or other rough surfaces.  The all-terrain dolly is the answer.  With six, 10'' wheels this cart will practically roll over a small car.

Non-slip Dolly - 5'' Casters

Maybe not all-terrain, but darn close.  Compare these to those furniture dollies you pick up at the hardware giants, and there's no comparison.  5'' wheels will easily roll over most obstacles in your path, and the non-slip pads provide an extra level of confidence as you make that delivery or setup.

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September 3, 2019