What Your Venue Needs To Host A Successful Conference

What Your Venue Needs To Host A Successful Conference
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What Your Venue Needs To Host A Successful Conference

Venues often have a good supply of banquet chairs and other furniture for big events, but what you should have in stock all depends on the type of events that your venue specializes in. Do you host outdoor weddings almost every weekend, or is your calendar filled with a hodgepodge of small get-togethers like family reunions and company parties?

If you’re a hotel, you might find yourself hosting a plethora of conferences. With more and more industries hosting large conferences over several days, there are a few things that venue managers should make sure they have so as to remain a competitive and attractive option for conference planners.

Anyone who’s attended an industry conference knows that there’s plenty of mingling time, but the vast majority of your day will be spent sitting, listening to speakers and taking notes. That means that offering padded banquet chairs is a non-negotiable service for venues. No one wants to sit in a wooden or plastic folding chair for eight hours a day.

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If the next conference you’re hosting is going to require that attendees need to write or bring their laptops for detailed notes, having rows of folding tables between your banquet chairs is going to be the most ergonomically friendly option you can provide. People can keep their laptops on their laps, but after a few minutes of hunching over, it’s just not the most comfortable option.

Plus, if your venue is also providing refreshments in a lobby or other area, you’ll need a bar table and some cocktail tables anyway.

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These go hand-in-hand with any folding tables or high top tables that your venue provides. Whether you have wood or plastic tables, anything you set out will need to be covered with polyester linens.

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Even small, intimate conferences need to have good sound so everyone can see and hear what they came for. This means that venues need to make sure they provide each conference planner with the requested amount of microphones, projectors and whatever sound system they require (along with the appropriate cords and batteries) to ensure their event runs as smoothly as possible. When your client is happy, you’re in much better shape to reserve their business for next year!



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September 3, 2019