Waiting Room Furniture Do's and Don'ts

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Waiting Room Furniture Do's and Don'ts

When you walk into an office, what’s the first thing you see? (Hint: see, or sit upon.) Their waiting room furniture. If you’re in charge of buying supplies for a doctor’s office, hospital, or even regular office, what you choose for your reception chairs and decor will be the first impression of the space. Will it be inviting and warm, or will it be modern and minimal? Depending on your aesthetic, these things may vary, but what won’t vary are some common sense guidelines that will help dictate your success. Here are some do’s and don’ts when shopping for waiting room furniture.


DO - Waiting Room Furniture

Go for comfort

Whenever someone is waiting to be seen, it’s important to make them feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. Padded chairs like this Imperial black leather chair achieve this without sacrificing your budget.

Find furniture that’s easy to clean

Spills are going to happen in waiting rooms, period. While that white velvet couch might look stunning in the catalog photos, it’s not going to give off a very good impression with coffee stains all over it. Instead, opt for easy to clean fabrics and colors, like a dark brown leather sofa that’s easily wiped down when spills happen.

...Not just easy to clean, but sanitary as well

Some waiting rooms are busier than others, but all waiting rooms tend to get a lot of use. Keeping things sanitary (especially in hospitals or doctor’s offices, where coughs and sneezes are commonplace) is crucial to not spreading germs around. Minimize the nooks and crannies that germs can hide in with this curvy design that’s easy to clean and easy on the eyes.

Opt for universal sizing

If you’re going to have a variety of visitors, then it’s better to get reception chairs that fit the widest range of people. These durable, wide and very comfortable padded chairs have up to a 550 lb. capacity to accommodate guests of all shapes and sizes.



DON'T: Waiting room furniture

Get cheap folding chairs

If rule #1 is “go for comfort”, folding chairs aren’t going to cut it. You don’t have to opt for the slightly pricier padded chair models, but reception chairs should still provide some degree of comfort. Plus, waiting room furniture tends to be pretty stationary. You don’t need the versatility of folding chairs. Instead, consider stackable reception chairs that still provide lumbar support without losing the element of convenience.

Follow a trend

Waiting room furniture needs to last the long haul, because it’s not likely to get replaced until it’s absolutely necessary. That means you probably won’t want to invest in the hottest (yet oh-so-fleeting) design trends that are going to make your office look dated as soon as it’s out of fashion. Don’t get stuck with retro waiting room furniture. You can still be modern, stylish and timely with classics like these black lounge chairs.

Get hung up on price

Of course you need to stay within your budget, but when these chairs are going to be used day in and day out, you’re going to be much happier in the long run if you invest in quality items up front. Find the best deals on wholesale chairs and other waiting room furniture sets at Event Stable.

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September 3, 2019