Adios, Chiavaris - Cross Back Chairs Are IN

Adios, Chiavaris - Cross Back Chairs Are IN
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By Connor Rusinko
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Adios, Chiavaris - Cross Back Chairs Are IN

Cross back chairs are making a serious comeback! Are you ready to meet the demand?

Rental requests for cross back chairs are on the rise, making them the hottest seating style of the season. Don’t miss a single opportunity to profit off of this trendy style - capitalize on it!

If you don’t already have a selection of cross back chairs in your rental inventory, you’re missing out on consistent revenue. Don’t be caught unaware, but don’t jump into a new chair style without doing your due diligence either. There’s a lot to know — and love! — about this classic style. Here are a few things that will make you a cross back chair expert in no time.

What are cross back chairs?

Unlike the better known Chiavari chairs, cross back chairs (sometimes read as “crossback chairs”) are a more traditional, somewhat rustic style that are often used in less formal settings, such as restaurants, wineries, outdoor events and even private homes. With an ergonomic back and sturdy design, cross back chairs are perfect for those who value comfort as well as stability.

What makes them so great?

Cross back chairs are the perfect balance of style and versatility, making them a desirable addition to your rental portfolio. Plus, cross back chair rental fees are higher than standard chairs, which means that when you calculate your profits, your return on investment can be extremely high. That’s why more and more venues and party rental companies are opting for cross back chairs.

How much do they cost?

Starting at $63 wholesale per chair, cross back chairs come in both resin and wood options. Plus, when you buy from Event Stable, quantity and free shipping specials are available (some conditions apply).

What colors do cross back chairs come in?

One of the most attractive things about cross back chairs is the huge variety of colors! From rustic cross back chairs to more modern washes, here are a few colorways for you to consider:cross back chair

  • Antique Fruitwood
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Fruitwood
  • Green
  • Limewash
  • Natural
  • Pecan
  • Red
  • Walnut
  • White
  • White Wash

You should also consider getting some cross back chair covers to protect your valuable inventory. (Available in black.)

How can I get some of these chairs?

So glad you asked! When you need cross back chairs, wholesale or even for personal use, Event Stable is your best source for high-quality chairs that will last you for many years with regular use. Just give us a call at 866-360-4642 or check out our selection of chairs here to find the perfect color, material, and amount for your needs.

Why should I go with Event Stable?

Not only are all of our chairs party-tested to ensure durability, we only source from the best manufacturers to guarantee your satisfaction. Plus, our California-based team is available for any questions that you may have.

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September 3, 2019