Top Product Trends for Venues in 2022

Top Product Trends for Venues in 2022
February 1, 2022 378 view(s)
Top Product Trends for Venues in 2022

One thing we know at EventStable is it doesn’t matter that you have the world’s greatest venue if you don’t have the tables and chairs that prospective clients want. Today we're looking at the top venue trends of 2021 and what you can expect in 2022 and beyond so you can get a head start on your competitors. 

Sure, plastic folding chairs are highly functional and durable but it’s doubtful that your bride-to-be wants them used for her special day like it’s an arts and crafts fair (unless that’s the theme, in which case we say “sparkle on” and don’t forget a smock - that tux is most likely a rental).

The bottom line is yes, you need a great venue or event space, but you also need the right tables and chairs to compliment it. White bread is fine. White bread is better when you slap a mixture of egg, milk, and cinnamon on it and throw it in a pan to make french toast. Let’s make some french toast.


Industrial Metal Chairs

Photo via customer The Rock Brewery & Taproom Photography by Cameron Ingalls

Photo via customer The Rock Brewery & Taproom Photography by Cameron Ingalls

 A hot spark we saw in 2021 that is prime to keep burning in 2022 is the use of industrial metal stacking chairs and bar stools. Once thought to be resigned to warehouse space venues, these chairs have become a top seating option for breweries, cafes, pubs, restaurants, even my barber shop uses them for waiting customers.

Simply put, if you’re seeking a chic or an industrial edge to match rustic tables for a modern farmhouse vibe, then these steel chairs will do just the trick.

Metal stacking chairs like these may also be a good investment for party rental companies who are looking to diversify their chair selection for customers, too. The more diverse your inventory is, the better your odds are of attracting all types of clientele. Another added bonus for party rental companies and venues alike: these chairs stack and store easily so you won’t have to worry about them when not in use.  


The Bentwood Chair

photo via shutterstock[/caption]

If you’ve ever been to a coffee shop where a barista can be overheard, unironically comparing Fleetwood Mac to Taylor Swift in full sincerity then you’ve most likely seen the Bentwood Chair. Don’t let Tommy Coffee pots (in his “vintage” woodstock shirt) sour you on these chairs.

As great as the bentwood chair looks in a cafe or bistro, we’ve seen customers from a variety of venues invest heavily in this seating option recently.

Now, if you’re coming from a gold plated ballroom in Atlantic City then these probably aren’t your vibe but just about any other setting would do and that’s what makes the chair so versatile. 

At EventStable we currently offer our Farmhouse Bentwood Chair in black, white and dark walnut. All colors will blend in organically to any light outdoor venue - be it a winery, patio, garden or really anywhere that is going for a light but modern feel.


The Cross Back Chair

Even if you’ve only been in the event industry for a week - you know about the Cross back Chair. Maybe you’ve never sat in one or purchased a chair yet but anyone who has ever looked at wedding pictures on social media has laid eyes on the Cross back Chair.

These wood stacking chairs have become a must have seating option for all events deemed trendy. From rustic barn weddings to outdoor celebrations and venues - including the beach, we’ve seen requests for Crossback Chairs from customers at a staggering rate and as we move into 2022, you’ll see even more of a demand from clients for Cross Back Chairs.

Photo via customer Creekside Farm Weddings & Events

Why the Cross back Chair? Well, they look a little more high end than wood folding chairs but just as convenient. In our experience, Cross Back Chairs can be stacked up to 7 chairs high when you’re not using them and our wood chairs have been specifically engineered to last so you can maximize your return on investment.

When we talk about Cross back Chairs or X-Back Chairs, we talk about variety. Variety of venues, and variety of tables that can be paired with the chairs but especially the variety of Cross back Chairs themselves - virtually a color for every member of a wedding party.

EventStable currently offers 9 different shades of Cross Backs from 2 separate models. Our Vineyard Estate and Madison Cross Back Chair. Each unique in their own way and built to maximize performance without sacrificing comfort or appearance.

You can go the rustic route with our Natural Vineyard Estate Cross Back Chair or maybe the sophisticated and smooth finish of the Madison Cross Back in Fruitwood is more your speed.

No matter the choice, Cross Back Chairs are here to stay and EventStable will always be there to take your call when the time is right.



Fruitwood Folding Chair

Just because Cross Back Chairs are riding this new wave for outdoor venues and special events doesn’t mean you can forget about the Fruitwood Folding Chair. In regards to functional, reliable, and durable chairs - the wood folding chair is about as evergreen as it gets.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record so if you haven’t already read our past blog on Why We Love Fruitwood Folding Chairs then please do so. I’ll wait…. Photo via customer Chapel Creek Ranch[/caption]

So now that you read the fruitwood folding chair blog you know all about their warmth, natural elegance, different ways venues use them and how I like to the take butter baths(that was a test).

To sum it all up, when you need padded wedding chairs; wood folding chairs and especially fruitwood wood folding chairs are the only wedding chair that’s commercial-grade quality, easy to fold and will stand up to everyday use.


Chiavari Chairs

Perhaps we saved the best and most consistently reliable event chair for last. The Chiavari Chair is probably what comes to mind when you say “wedding chair” and understandably so.

The Kennedy family is about as close as we can get to American royalty and these chairs sprung to mainstream consciousness when JFK and Jackie O used them at their wedding.  

Since that day the gold Chiavari has been the ideal ballroom chair for brides and venues but this blog is about present and future trends and the days of only investing in the gold Chiavari ballroom chairs are over. Photo via customer Dover Hall Estate Photography by Kim Stockwell Photography[/caption]

As we’ve seen more popularity in rustic venues with a warmth that only wood can inspire, the White and Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs are making sure we don’t forget about them as an option outside of the typical ballroom setting.

Both the White Wood Chiavari and Fruitwood Chiavari blend really well in an outdoor venue (as seen in the photo above) and pair perfectly with any farm table or home style dining table.

As if that wasn’t enough, Fruitwood Chiavari chairs also do a great job of complimenting the surrounding area at any open air venue.


 Farm Tables

Photo via customer Dover Hall Estate Photography by Kim Stockwell Photography

 A certain world leader who resembles Chester Cheeta might tell you 2021 was the year of walls and fake news. At EventStable we know the hard truths and 2021 was the year for Farm Tables.

In fact, so many of our customers inquired this year that we talked at length about just caring for and maintaining your farm tables. Just like all the other trends in this blog, the farm table craze is only going to heat up more in the next year and for years to come. The days of formal wear and ballroom dining under chandeliers are giving way to a younger generation that seeks simple elegance. The soft, worn wood of farm tables allows you to put away the polyester tablecloths so you can present the tables as is with simple greenery and candle sticks perhaps.


Since we know the importance of farm tables, we have several options to choose from in the rustic and traditional style that you need. Shop our collection of handcrafted wooden farm tables today. All of our tables feature free shipping when you purchase 10 or more and quantity discounts are available on all styles.


So these are the most popular trends we see coming for 2022. Our industry experts at EventStable will be more than happy to help you get a jump start on the busy event season. Contact us today to answerany questions you might have or ask us to get started on a quote for you!     



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