Weddings in 2020: Top 3 Chairs to Catch the Trends

Weddings in 2020: Top 3 Chairs to Catch the Trends

With the fresh decade blooming, and a new generation growing into adults and getting married. weddings are embracing trendier themes than ever before.

If you’re in the wedding industry, you probably know that staying ahead of the trend is important, that way your inventory can reach maximum business potential during the wedding season.

Here’s three top trends we’re expecting to see on the come up in 2020, and the perfect wedding chairs to accompany

Roaring '20s

With the comeback of the Roaring 20’s, paired with the newfound appreciation for all-things-vintage, you can expect weddings to follow suit this year. Vintage weddings are going to be the cat’s pajamas.

If you’re looking for wedding chairs to compliment the speak-easy vibes, check out these Gold Resin Chiavari Chairs, and get ready to party like Gatsby!

A timeless look, scratch-resistant resin, and the ability to adorn these chairs, make them a stellar choice for vintage 20’s themed weddings.

The chiavari is a classic wedding chair, easily brought to life with the spirit of the 1920’s. The extravagant chair paired with a Gin Rickey or a Highball makes for a wonderfully opulent cocktail hour at a ceremony.


Another huge movement that’s on an upward trend is the idea of sustainability. Greenery, repurposed materials, and a natural essence are coming alive in the wedding scene. Expect to see these weddings in beautiful backwood settings, with plenty of forest themes and nature-esque decor.

 Earth and wood tones will be all the rage for sustainable wedding furniture, like these wooden cross-backs!

Pair some Cross Backs with a dainty tieback burlap cushion and Farm Tables for a whimsical, sustainable reception set-up. The hard wood material makes them a heavy-duty option while still retaining the natural wood grain you can’t get with other alternative materials.


The third up and coming wedding theme of 2020 are Micro-weddings! Couples are opting for shorter guest lists in order to increase their budget-per-guest to give their closest friends and family the time of their lives. Luxurious features include personalized menus and hiring mixologists.

These weddings will likely display high-end furniture options versus the standard folding chair.

With two different options, cloth and rattan-backed, these chairs are a gorgeous choice for reception seating.

These King Louis chairs (named after King Louis XVI- whos frivolity embodies the luxurious feel of these weddings) are a perfect statement piece of wedding furniture.

The King Louis chairs are the epitome of wedding comfort. The thick padded seat and lush fabric makes all the difference in a long night filled with drinking and dancing.   

At a micro-wedding, where comfort and intimacy are the main concern, nothing serves better than the grandiose King Louis chair to function comfortably, and simultaneously appear upscale.

Aside from your everyday white resin folding chairs you see at every traditional nuptial, each of these chairs are great options to consider checking into for the upcoming wedding season.

With new wedding trends following traditional themes and ideas- these chairs will remain timeless for future events and ceremonies for years to come.

Author: Breanna Williams

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January 29, 2020
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