Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Wood Folding Tables

Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Wood Folding Tables
By Breanna Williams
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Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Wood Folding Tables

Plywood Folding Tables are a durable and sturdy alternative to standard Plastic Folding Tables.

With the tabletop constructed of strong plywood, and powder coated steel legs underneath- Our Titan Event Furniture brand Wood Folding tables are some of the heaviest-duty options on the market.

We carry two models in our Titan brand, the Titan Series and Titan PRO. Although both tables are commercial-grade and heavy duty, the Titan PRO tables feature some extra bells and whistles that improve overall durability.

This guide will go in depth on the similarities and differences of our Titan Series and TitanPRO™ Wood folding tables, to help you choose a table that’s right for your needs!

Titan Series Tables

Our Titan Series Wood Folding tables come in a range of sizes and shapes, from your standard rectangles and rounds to square, and even specialty shapes like Serpentine tables!

Our Titan Series tables are all heavy-duty and commercial grade, and are great for seasonal use or an occasional event.

Table Top

Our Titan Series tables feature ¾” thick (12-ply) plywood for extra durability and strength.

The Table Top is sealed with UV resistant polyurethane coating on the top and bottom for added protection.

The table tops feature vinyl bullnose edging around the sides for added durability in transport.

One great thing about the Titan Series tables- the vinyl edging is replaceable!

If you ever experience cracking or splitting in the vinyl after a few years of use, you can easily replace the vinyl for a spiffy-looking table!


Our Titan Series tables feature 16-gauge powder coated steel legs.

The legs are through-bolted to the table tops (this means that you can see the bolts on the table tops.
They sit flush with the table top, and are far stronger than securing legs with screws).

Non-Marring foot caps are also included, so you never have to worry about scratching up your floors.

We even offer replacement foot caps if one ever comes off later down the line.

TitanPRO™ Tables

Our Titan PRO tables are available in standard rectangles and rounds, and are an extra durable option for event tables!

Commercial grade, and the heaviest-duty option for tables we carry- our TitanPRO Wood Folding Tables are perfect for events and rentals!

Table Top

Our TitanPRO™ Wood folding tables feature a ¾” birch plywood top. Birchwood has a lower moisture content than most other woods, keeping your tables protected from harsh elements over time.

The table top features a quadruple coat of our UV resistant polyurethane both top and bottom for extra durability and strength.

Around the edge of our Titan Pro tables, you will find durable aluminum edging so your tables stay protected in transit and in storage.


Our TitanPRO™ tables feature wishbone style folding legs, constructed of 16 gauge powder coated steel.

The legs are through-bolted to the table tops, (again, you’ll be able to see the bolts, but they sit flush and are a lot more durable).

The legs also feature non-marring floor glides, so your floors are equally as protected.

All in all, both models of Wood Folding table are going to be heavy duty, commercial grade options for any rental company or venue alike.

Our Titan Series tables feature a much wider range of shapes and sizes, from bar tops to King size banquet tables, making them perfect for anyone wanting a wide range of options on matching tables.

Our TitanPROs are the epitome of “heavy duty” in the table world, all of the extra features making it virtually indestructible. (We’re just kidding.. You can destroy them if you really try, but we don’t suggest it

If you have any specific questions about any of our Wood Folding tables, feel free to check out the item pages on our site, or call in to chat with one of our product experts about which folding table might be right for you!

Author: Breanna Williams

Breanna is a Customer Service specialist on the EventStable team. She lives on the sunny Central Coast of California with her bobtail cat, Jackie. Outside of work, you can typically find her at the beach or playing video games with her friends! Oh, and she really loves soup. 

May 12, 2020