Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Plastic Folding Tables

Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Plastic Folding Tables
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By Breanna Williams
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Titan Series Vs. TitanPRO™: Plastic Folding Tables

Plastic folding tables are a staple in any event company, from rentals to wedding venues to the local bingo hall. Heavy duty, light weight, and easy to move and store- EventStable’s Titan Event Furniture Plastic Folding tables have it all.

We feature two models, the standard Titan Series, and the upgraded version- the TitanPro™.

Both are commercial grade, blow molded plastic tables, but the Titan Pros feature some extra bonuses that make them especially great for frequent use in rental companies and venues.

This guide will go into depth about both the Titan Series, and Titan Pro Plastic Folding Tables offered through EventStable, to assist in choosing the best table for your company’s needs. 

Titan Series

Our Titan Series Plastic folding tables come in a range of shapes and sizes, and even adjustable heights.These plastic folding tables are commercial grade, light weight, and ring in at a great price point!

Our Titan Series tables all feature a 1-year warranty to keep you and your tables protected from unprecedented defects or shipping damages.

Table Top

Our Titan Series tables feature thick, blow molded table tops made from high-density polyethylene.

In plain english, this means the table top is going to be strong and durable for years to come.

Blow molded table tops provide less free-space inside of the table, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly dents or bumps over time.

The polyethylene top is water and stain resistant, which make these great for outdoor use, or even around kiddos!


Our Titan Series tables feature 16-gauge powder coated steel legs, which are screwed securely to the table top.

These tables also feature an outer ring for support on the light-weight top, to prevent dents and damage to the edges of the table.

The legs all come with non-marring foot glides to keep your floors protected and beautiful during use.

To set the table up, easily unfold the legs from their nested position, and lock them in with the gravity-locking mechanism, so you never have to worry about wobbling or collapse.

When you’re ready to pack up, simply fold the legs back in and snap them in place with the leg clasps- and you’re ready to roll!


Our Titan Pro plastic folding tables are the most diverse in features, being both heavy duty and lightweight at the same time.

Our Titan Pro Plastic folding tables come in standard round and rectangle sizes, and all feature an extended 3-year warranty for unforeseen defects or shipping damages.

Table Top

Our Titan Pro tables feature a heavy duty, blow molded top similar to the Titan Series tops.

The Titan Pro tops are 2” thick (slightly thicker than the Titan Series), and are made of virgin polyethylene.

This polyethylene has no extra plastic additives, so the density is higher- making the table tops extra strong and durable.

The Titan Pro tables are great for indoor and outdoor use, as the polyethylene is water, stain, and UV resistant!


Our Titan Pro tables feature 16-gauge powder coated steel legs, similar to the Titan Series tables.

For extra reinforcement, the legs are fastened parallel to the table top, allowing the legs to ‘lock’ into place with the table.

No more shaky plastic tables that feel like they’re going to topple at any second!

Non-marring foot glides will keep your floors protected, whether you’re using these tables every day or for a once-in-a-while family dinner!

The gravity locking legs feature an extra thick lock section for added piece of mind. When you’re ready to put the tables away, snap the legs into place with the leg clasps for easy moving.

Both models of plastic folding table are great for anyone looking for a heavy-duty table that will last for years. Whether for family camping trips, or a booked-solid wedding venue- these tables are sure to perform.

Light weight, and heavy duty, you have it all! Our Titan Series are extra light and thin, making them perfect for occasional event use, or even every-day use at home. (If you’re working from home, these even make great temporary desks!)

The extra strong Titan Pro tables are perfect for rentals and venues that are needing something lightweight, easy to move, and sturdy for guests! 

If you’re ever unsure of which table to go for, or if you’d like some expert advice, feel free to call in or chat with one of our awesome product specialists, we’re always happy to help figure out the best options for your needs!

Author: Breanna Williams

Breanna is a Customer Service specialist on the EventStable team. She lives on the sunny Central Coast of California with her bobtail cat, Jackie. Outside of work, you can typically find her at the beach or playing video games with her friends! Oh, and she really loves soup. 

May 18, 2020