Tips and Tricks: How To Care For Your Farm Tables

Tips and Tricks: How To Care For Your Farm Tables

Tips and Tricks: How To Care For Your Farm Tables

Plastic folding tables and wood folding tables are like the Morgan Freemans of the event and rental industry.

An illustrious and well documented career full of accolades and deservedly so. They have certainly been around awhile for a reason and if they’re anything like Morgan Freeman’s
relentless IMDB page, they’re going to be around for a bit longer too.

However, as versatile as the Alex Cross character might be, he’s not the answer for every story just like your plastic or wood banquet tables aren’t the ideal choice for every client or venue.

Exit stage left and enter the wood farm tables or farmhouse tables as they’re also commonly referred to.

Practical as your plastic tables are, they don’t offer the rustic and traditional style that your customers could be seeking in a farm table, à la Daniel Day-Lewis in another period drama piece.

Obviously farm tables are probably not the best option for everyday use in the buffet line, but they are some of the most beautiful dining options that EventStable has to offer.

“Yeah, but plastic and wood folding tables are so easy to fold up and transport. Surely I can’t do that with a farm table, right?” Wrong, Merle, and don’t call me, Shirley.

In our farm tables, you have all the traditional and rustic craftsmanship combined with the modern intricacies that are needed in the hustle and bustle event industry. Each of our tables either fold up or the legs can be removed for easy stacking and storage. (We know better than most that not every client is the same.)

That’s why we have tables for every occasion, whether it be the folding farm table, our reclaimed elm wood farm table or parsons inspired farm table.


(Honest Abe writing a positive product review for one of our farm tables)

Now that you’ve bought 10 or more of these tables and had them shipped to you free of charge(hint, hint), how do you clean these things in order to maintain that maiden voyage finish?

The first step towards retention is prevention(came up with that myself). 

  • You’re probably never going to use a polyester tablecloth because that kind of defeats the purpose of a farm table, right? However, a polyester table runner is an excellent option. Table runners provide an attractive compliment to your table and can act as a great first responder against any spill, especially from a wine glass that gets the accidental swipe from uncle Mike when the cover band you hired finally plays 38 Special at his request.


  • Coasters also go a long way in preventing water marks but some guests prefer to treat them as frisbees, so cleaning and maintenance after your event will be inevitable despite your best efforts.


  • Another economical way to protect your farm table is to use moving blankets, or even just a bed blanket when you’re transporting or putting them away in storage.

Cleaning your Farm Table

    • Those microfiber cloths aren’t just great for wiping down your car after a rinse. They’re perfect for removing any loose dirt or dust that may have gotten on the surface of your farm table. You’re going to want to make sure all that is picked up before any type of washing.


    • If you notice loose crumbs in hard to get cracks, use a toothbrush to get in there and loosen them up. Katie from Addicted2diy recommends keeping a vacuum handy to pick up any pesky leftovers.


    • Luckily these tables don’t require any miracle solution or magic elixir you have to buy from the depths of the internet. A simple mixture containing water and small amount of dish soap or white vinegar will do just the trick.


    • From there, dampen a cloth or soft towel with your sudsy water and wipe your farm table down, applying an equal amount throughout the table surface. It’s important to use something soft and not a brillo pad or rough brush. We’re trying to scrub the table clean but we’re not trying to scrub it so clean that loses its identity like Sandra Bullock in The Net.


    • Find a tough stain? Use one of those Magic Erasers. I swear by them, my mother swears by them, and if my mother’s mother had them in her day then she’d swear by them too. But most importantly, industry experts swear by them too.           
So clean you could eat right off the table if you’re looking for a pine finish to your custard
    • Once you feel the table is up to event ready standards and the soap/vinegar did its job by disinfecting and removing any grime, rinse your cloth with clean water and repeat the the same wipe down process as before. You don’t want to risk any type of reaction that could come from the wood and vinegar spending a little too much time together. It’s like taking a dip in the hot tub at some seaside motel on the cape. Just enough time for a good soak then get out. There are time limits to these things.


    • Dry the surface of your farm table with a dry, soft cloth. I like the microfiber towels the best but that’s just me. This part is key because it’ll prevent any type of moisture soaking into the wood, causing warping or watermarks. If that happen, we’re back to square 1.

*Pro tip - If you’re anything like me and rely on pizza at least once a week then you’re sure to be unfortunately blessed by the heat marks left by a hot box that’s been sitting too long. Tipnut provides a great rundown on bringing your wood table back to life.


If you follow these easy steps in maintaining your farm tables then there’s no reason you and your guests won’t be making everlasting memories around the same tables for years to come.


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August 23, 2019