The Best Effective, Non-Bleach Cleaners For White Folding Chairs

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The Best Effective, Non-Bleach Cleaners For White Folding Chairs

When you’ve invested hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on white folding chairs for your party rental company, it goes without saying that you need to protect your equipment to ensure that you stay in business. However, you need to balance maintenance time and costs with being able to rent out your chairs as often as possible in order to recoup your investment.

If you’re asking yourself how to achieve this balance, wonder no more.

The best way to get the most use (and revenue) out of your rented foldable chairs is by cleaning them regularly.

However, a mere hose down after an outdoor wedding isn’t going to do the trick. And based on whether you have metal chairs or plastic chairs will also dictate what type of cleaning products you should use for best results.

For instance, petroleum-based cleaners tend to actually attract more dirt and dust than non petroleum-based cleaning products. That’s especially important if you have A) light colored chairs (like white or gold Chiavari chairs) or B) you regularly supply party tables and chairs for outdoor events.

Also, bleach-based cleaning products might seem like a good idea to keep white rental chairs looking pristine, but bleach can wear down plastic chairs and corrode metal, shortening the lifespan of your folding chairs.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect cleaning solution for your folding table and chairs. We’ve done it for you.

The Best Cleaning Products For White Folding Chairs & Other Rental Chairs

Mr Clean Magic EraserMagic Eraser

Magic Erasers are the industry standard for cleaning virtually every item in your inventory: Samsonite folding chairs, Chiavari chairs… you name it. It removes all the toughest stains without diminishing luster or appearance, making it an invaluable addition to your maintenance costs.

However, Magic Erasers aren’t the cheapest option. There are some off-brand options available at places like Home Depot (or eBay if you can afford to invest in a large quantity of them), but unless you have some serious wear-and-tear on your chairs, this is an option best saved for a last resort.



Simple GreenSimple Green

For a daily, non-toxic, non-bleach, non-petroleum cleaning product, Simple Green does it all. This spray can be found in most grocery and hardware stores and can be custom-mixed to your specifications in a spray bottle or large bucket, depending on your cleaning approach preference.

Simple Green's formula was altered in 2012 to ensure all ingredients were safe for industry use, so for general wiping and cleaning of your wood, metal, or resin folding chairs, Simple Green is a convenient, proven, and trusted option.


Tide Oxi Stain Remover

Another easy to find, easy to use general cleanser is Tide’s Oxi Stain remover. Perfect for all colors and styles, Tide is a household name when it comes to cleaning products, and their industry-strength formula has proven itself time and again.

This powder is comparable with Oxi-Clean, and can be used in a similar way (adding the recommended amount of powder directly into warm water and mixing well.) As with all strong cleaning products, it’s best to use in a well-ventilated area for best results.


Scrubbing Bubbles

Traditionally a bathroom cleaning product, industry experts also swear by Scrubbing Bubbles when it comes to metal folding chairs. This foamy spray is easy to apply and rinse off without leaving any scummy soap residue behind. It’s a cost-effective and readily available tool to have in your back pocket.

If you do decide to use Scrubbing Bubbles for your regular inventory cleaning, be sure to read the label beforehand. There are multiple variations available, some of which include bleach or other strong compounds which could be detrimental to the overall lifespan of your folding tables and chairs.


Soap and water Image: Flickr[/caption]

Water & Soap

When all else fails, there’s no substitute for the old fashioned way. Simply fill a bucket with hot water, some dish soap, and grab a sponge to get to work! Of course, this method is best for general cleaning and maintenance, not stubborn stains, so if you go this route (especially with wood folding chairs), make sure they’re all the way dry before putting them back in storage for your next event. Don’t let white folding chairs or any of your rental inventory fall to the wayside. With these cleaning options and a little elbow grease, your stock of chairs is sure to shine for years to come.


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