Table Linen Sizing Guide

Table Linen Sizing Guide
March 31, 2020 1911 view(s)

Table Linen Sizing Guide

With the various sizes and heights of tables in today’s commercial furniture world, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of which table linens fit what tables.

This guide will go into depth on understanding table and linen measurements, as well as how to choose the best table cloth to achieve the desired look once it’s on your tables!

What Do These Measurements Mean?

Rounds are measured by diameter, (top of the circle, to the bottom of the circle).

Standard round tables come in 48” (4 ft), 60” (5ft), and 72” (6ft) sizes.

If you’re shopping with EventStable, we do offer wood tables in 36” (3ft), 54” (4.5 ft), and 66” (5.5ft) sizes as well, but these may be more difficult to find linens for.

Similar to round tables, these linens have a single measurement.

The tablecloths are measured straight across, from end to end.

These are often called banquet tables. Standard banquet tables are 30” wide, and come in lengths of 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft.

Queen sized (40” wide) and King sized (48” wide) tables are also available in 6ft and 8ft lengths.

Again similar to their accompanying tables, these linens have two measurements; the first being width, the second being the length of the linen.

How Do I Figure Out What Size Linen I Need?

There’s an easy formula to follow to calculate the table cloth size. For ease of explanation, these formulas can be used to find floor length tablecloths.

If you’d like space between the end of the linen and the floor, just subtract the distance from your final answer.

Example: If you’d like a 2” space from the bottom of the linen and the ground, use the formulas below, then subtract 2” from the final answers.

We created this handy little graphic for you to reference. Feel free to save it to you desktop, tablet or smartphone!

That’s Too Complicated, Now What?

If you’re searching for a linen for a standard table, you can use our guide below to choose the best sizes for your needs.

Tables that are bolded below show tables whose floor length linens are a bit more difficult to find.

The linens shown to the right of the bolded tables are the next size down, so they do have space between the bottom of the linen and the floor. The space will typically be around 3”.

Round Tables


Rectangular Tables

If you have any other questions or just need a refresher on math 101(we did), we're always here to help at EventStable.

Give us a ring, send us an Email or feel free to message one of us through the website!

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