Storage Solutions for Tent Poles

Storage Solutions for Tent Poles
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Storage Solutions for Tent Poles

Rental tents are rapidly becoming important items for venues and rental businesses to offer as an add-on for big events and parties. However, party rental companies who have quick shelters or frame tents in their rental stock are then faced with a conundrum - what’s the best way to transport the canopies and tent poles?

Luckily, this issue is not insurmountable. In fact, many businesses have come up with ingenious ways to transport their tent poles without having them clattering all over the back of their box trucks or vans.

Building custom compartments for your trailer is one way to go. One of our wholesale customers constructed the pictured shelves in their trailer that stack the tents on the top shelves and the small tent poles and other pieces in individual totes below. This is a great way to keep your pole tents organized.

We also recommend adding some bookends to your shelves to ensure your rental tent components don’t slide out in transit. If they do, make sure you’re prepared by adding custom tent tag labels to your items. They look great and keep your inventory straightened out (even if you have to hit the brakes and they go flying).

You can also visit a local moving or box company for custom-made transport boxes. Hard plastic is durable, but double-walled cardboard is just as good (although not weatherproof). You’ll want to mark the outside of the boxes with a packing slip to ensure you leave with all the tent poles and tops that you came with. Or -- tent tags! They’re always a handy option.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your vehicle transporting tent poles and components. If you have some of the larger rental tents in storage, like our 30' x 45' Classic Series Pole Tent, you don’t want to have to tie red flags on the tent poles sticking out the back of your pickup. Make sure you have a van or box truck long enough to accommodate all tent accessories and protect them from the elements in transit.

And remember -- tearing down is always easier when you have clear labels on all components. Train your staff on proper packing and unpacking techniques to ensure that:

  • You don’t leave anything behind
  • You save time and money with efficiency
  • Your tents and tent poles stay organized
  • Damage is less likely to occur

With these tips, you’ll be able to wrangle your tent poles and canopies with ease.

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September 3, 2019