Should I Use My Resin Folding Chairs Outside? (And Other FAQs About Your Event Tables and Chairs)

Should I Use My Resin Folding Chairs Outside? (And Other FAQs About Your Event Tables and Chairs)
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By Connor Rusinko
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Should I Use My Resin Folding Chairs Outside? (And Other FAQs About Your Event Tables and Chairs)

Being an event venue owner or running a party rental company is stressful for myriad reasons. Not only are you constantly fielding questions from clients or customers, you’re also asking questions yourself.

At EventStable we’re more than happy to help with every inquiry and the purpose of this blog is to hopefully do just that. We’re going to answer real questions from real customers and maybe bring you a little peace of mind along the way.

“Can I use my Resin Folding Chairs Outside in damp conditions?”

Photo via customer Lavender Oaks Farm

You’ve either wondered yourself, have been asked this or as sure as you’ll misspell definitely like definetely, you will be asked this question if you’re involved in the wedding business.

The answer to your query is the same answer you’d give little Jimmy when negotiating after dinner dessert: “Yes you can, but…”

So it already rained all morning and pictures got pushed back? Good luck telling the soon to be Mrs. Strong in her dress by Jovani that she can’t use the resin wedding chairs that she specifically picked out.

The good news for everybody and is that you can absolutely use resin folding chairs in damp conditions. Just be aware that you’ll certainly have a little clean up on the chair feet.

Here’s another pro tip: space the rows far enough apart so it prevents guests from resting their feet on the crossbars in front of them. You’ll have less to clean that way and if the photographer decides to snap a picture of your venue it won’t look like a lounger’s paradise at a Billy Ocean show circa 1984.

So go ahead and set your resin folding chairs outside. We actually insist that you use our padded resin chairs in all climates; wet or dry, cold or warm, on a beach or in an igloo if that’s what the bride requests.

Photo via customer Twin Tails Event Farm

You read our previous blog post on how to properly care for your farm table so the next bit of info you most likely want to know is how many guests each table can accommodate, right?

Traditionally, 8’ x 40’’ banquet tables can seat 8-10 guests. Meaning four on each side and two on each end. If my very average grade in Math 104 serves me correct, we’d recommend ordering about 13 tables to comfortably accommodate 100 guests.

As for seating those guests, Cross Back Chairs or Bentwood Chairs are a great option that really compliments your tables and give your venue a rustic feel that just isn’t possible with any folding chair or ballroom chair like the chiavari.

Lucky for you, all of our farm tables at EventStable are 10% off and ship free when you combine those tables with chairs on any purchase exceeding $2k!

If you’re thinking about your other wood or plastic banquet tables and trying to figure out the table size to guest ratio, take a look at this blog post detailing how to pick a table size by seating.

“How many 60" Plastic Round Tables will this Universal Table Dolly hold?”

In short, our universal table dolly can hold 8-15 folding banquet tables but there’s more smoke to this fire.

What about bi-folding tables? The universal table cart can accommodate those too! As long as you store them open like a standard folding table, you should be able to fit 10 wood or plastic folding tables of any size on your cart.

When we say “universal” we’re not talking about movie studios and King Kong is not walking through that door, but if he was he would also recommend the Universal Table Dolly for all your folding table transportation needs.

“What makes the TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chair so much stronger than other folding chairs in this price range made of plastic and metal?  Will it really hold 600 pounds?" 

A common and fair question and the hesitation is understandable. If I told you the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls was a 63 year old woman inside a barrel, you’d want some proof and stone cold facts to back that up, right?

Now just like Annie Edison testing the fortitude of her barrel by first sending her cat over the falls, we did our own research before calling our TitanPRO™ plastic folding chair the most durable chair in the event industry.

Some competitors may tell you that some “heavy duty” plastic folding chairs are just manufactured to a price point and won’t hold up to rental use and abuse over time. They’re most certainly wrong in our case but it’s not their fault because they don’t know what we know and what you’ll now know.

You might look at the TitanPRO™ plastic folding chair and think it doesn’t appear any different from the usual white poly folding chair that you’re used to and that’s on purpose. The wholesale plastic folding chair model hasn’t changed in years, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here.

What this chair did do was add a new level and standard of durability due to the sturdier metal hardware in key areas of the chair. Most folding chairs use brackets to attach the seat to the frame but ours are much wider, supporting more of the seat and they’re triple riveted to the chair, allowing it to hold in excess of 600 static pounds.

“Are Resin Chiavari Chairs available in the same colors as the Wood Chiavari Chair? What’s the difference between Resin and Wood Chiavari Chairs?”

As the premier chiavari chair company, we’d be short selling our customers if we didn’t provide much of the same popular color options in both resin and wood chiavari chairs.

For the wood chairs we offer fan favorites gold and fruitwood, as well as black, champagne, light fruitwood, mahogany, rose gold, silver, white wash, and of course - white chiavari chairs.

Resin Chiavari Chairs are available in black, gold, silver, mahogany, champagne, metallic, silver, and trendy, sleek and modern clear.

As for the difference between say a fruitwood wood chiavari and a silver resin chiavari chair besides color is comparable to Bruce Springsteen vs. Bob Seger. Sure, they might look like they belong on the same stage and you’d feel thrilled to have either but the devil is in the details.

Wood Chiavari Chairs are constructed by hand from hardwood where the joints are glued and nailed, and brackets are screwed under the seat to each of the 4 legs, creating a personal touch on a chair to be used for only the most personal occasions. Think Springsteen’s ‘Darkness on the edge of town’ album.

All that is great but the hard truth about wood chiavari chairs is they do demand a little upkeep that just isn’t necessary for Resin Chiavari Chairs.

You’re an event venue owner that’s ready to burn and earn and while you want the traditional ballroom chiavari chair look, you want a chair with an extra long life and heavy duty commercial construction.

Our Resin Chiavaris at EventStable use a single piece steel frame with high density resin around it, eliminating any weak joints and creating a durable structure that will last for years to come. Built like a rock.

Hopefully this answered a few of your questions and if it didn’t, please feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to help and and share our expect advice on all things event tables and chairs.

August 23, 2019