Product Spotlight : Bamboo Folding Chair

Product Spotlight : Bamboo Folding Chair
August 5, 2020 99 view(s)
Product Spotlight : Bamboo Folding Chair

There are just some things that scream summertime. Ice cream maybe? Well, in the world of folding chairs, this chair delightfully says, “have a seat outside, sit back and enjoy the outdoors”. 

With months spent indoors due to Coronavirus, many are eager to dine and gather (safely) outdoors. What better way to do so then with chairs that complement the great outdoors.

It is summertime afterall, so today we’re spotlighting the bamboo folding chair

What makes this the ideal summer chair? Let’s talk about some of the great features of this chair.

High Quality Bamboo Construction

Made from real, high quality bamboo with a clear coated glossy finish, at first glance, this chair immediately transports you to island time. With a curved back, guests will sit comfortably while enjoying the outdoors. 

Don’t mistake this for a lazy chair however, bamboo has actually been proven to be a very strong and reliable building material throughout history - more so than regular wood.

Even up against staples in the building material industry such as steel, bamboo consistently outperforms their strength and flexibility traits. How’s that for durability?

Photo by Elisa Bricker

Naturally when you think of these chairs, you may think of a Luau or destination wedding.

With its tropical vibe, these chairs are perfect for waterfront gatherings, beach weddings and backyard theme events but they can also make a beautiful statement indoors.

For example, set under a tent and poolside the bamboo chairs add the perfect natural touch.

So, if you have inclement weather, have no fear about bringing these chairs inside for your event or gathering.

Free Shipping When You Order 50 or More!

Making it easier to purchase these bamboo folding chairs for all of your outdoor occasions is free shipping on 50 or more.

Author: Larah Winn

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