Outdoor Events Inventory 101

Outdoor Events Inventory 101
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White wood outdoor folding chairs provide a timeless setting for an outdoor wedding.

According to some sources, wedding budgets can average as high as $20,000—and that’s just an average. Make sure that your venue can exceed expectations during these special occasions by offering the classic package sure to make brides swoon. Wood outdoor folding chairs paired with some wood folding banquet tables are the best way to set a wedding planner’s mind at ease and maximize your return on investment.

Looking for something more rustic? Bamboo folding chairs are lightweight, affordable, and appeal to a more DIY-oriented look.


Spring and summer seasons are chock full of picnics, parties, weddings, graduations and more. For less formal but equally fun functions, venues can’t go wrong with providing resin outdoor folding chairs paired with some laminate tables. And for something even more festive, some Fill ‘N Chill Party Tables are sure to delight guests who appreciate easy access to cold drinks.

Bonus? This setup looks stunning under one of our easy-to-assemble outdoor tents for sale, just in case some spring showers roll through. Add a few of those to your stock and you’ll never have to worry about weather surprises again.


Rain or shine, these plastic outdoor folding chairs provide durable comfort for every occasion.

Not every venue has the budget for a huge rental equipment inventory, but that should never stop you from making the most out of what you have. If you’re just getting started with event rental inventory or have a smaller budget than last year for replenishing your stock, you can’t go wrong with investing in some high-quality plastic outdoor folding chairs and plastic folding tables. These workhorses of the rental industry are prized for their versatility, durability, and price points. Plus, for informal occasions like corporate events or school picnics, you can even skip the tablecloth for extra savings!

Pro tip: “pad” your inventory with vinyl padded metal outdoor folding chairs for long-term comfort and easy clean-up when needed.


It’s the details that get guests to sign on the dotted line, so the extra mile for your clients by providing more than just the basics. By offering outdoor event accessories like fire pits and patio heaters, you’ll be able to make your venue stand out from the rest.

And accessories don’t just have to benefit your clients. Pick up a handy chair cart (or two) to simplify set-up and teardown for every outdoor event. Your employees will appreciate every extra minute it saves them.

Prepare your business for outdoor events season by giving Event Stable a call at 866-360-4642. We can help you find the perfect rental equipment combinations that fit your budget and venue’s needs, and can help you maximize your order for free shipping specials that you won’t find anywhere else.

April 16, 2019
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