Metal Folding Chairs 101: Everything You Need To Know About That Steel Seating Option

Metal Folding Chairs 101: Everything You Need To Know About That Steel Seating Option
April 27, 2020 1496 view(s)
Metal Folding Chairs 101: Everything You Need To Know About That Steel Seating Option

By the time you've been on this earth for 36 months, there's probably a 100% chance that you've sat in a Metal Folding Chair.

There might be absolutely zero scientific reasoning behind that statement but you'd kind of have to agree, right? Death, taxes and sitting in a metal folding chair before the time you turn 3 years old - the three certainties of life. 

With the popularity of metal folding chairs and how much practical they are for an array of business and events, it's no wonder why they seem so readily available.

Where can you buy metal folding chairs? Anywhere from Target to Lowe's and Home Depot. Really any big box store will sell you a generic brand Metal Folding Chair.

Now, if you care more about just buying a 4-pack of folding chairs from Costco in a quick pinch and you're more interested in durability and longstanding performance over time, EventStable is here to offer you commercial grade chairs at wholesale prices. 

Anyone from party rental companies to places of worship depend on Metal Folding Chairs and we know it's not size fits all. 

That's why in this post we're going to talk about our different Titan Series Metal Folding Chairs. We'll talk about our steel folding chair to our Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Fabric Padded Metal Folding Chair with 2'' Cushion, and everything in between. 

Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Steel Folding Chair

Cost effective as much as it's comfortable and durable, our Titan Series Premium Steel Folding Chair is probably the metal folding chair that you're most familiar with. 

Event facilities, schools, worship centers, banquet halls, and even your local tag sale are just some of the places where you'll find these chairs. 

But those chairs are not exactly like these chairs, just like that frozen pizza doesn't quite match up to the wood fired pie that just went from oven to table in 20 minutes. 

What makes our commercial grade metal folding chairs different from the rest of the pack, or say metal folding chairs from Home Depot?

Let's start with the bones. The common traits in all of our Titan Series Premium line of metal folding chairs is the triple u-braces, quad hinges and heavy duty rivets, paired with a powdercoated, 18 gauge steel frame.

That might feel like word salad so let's bring it down in layman's terms.

What the triple braces do is distribute force down the leg, rather than what the big box store chairs are capable of with their welded brace. That makes for one reliable chair.

The 18 gauge powdercoated steel frame means you don't have to worry about the color fading or damage in transport like with some of your other higher maintenance chairs.

"So it's tough, but is it comfortable?" Glad you asked, Charlene. 

Different from your generic steel folding chair, our chairs feature a curved backrest that supports your lower back. No need to take that couch pillow and stuff it behind you for sustained comfort. Let sweet Lou watch the ballgame in peace.

Now although the seat isn't padded(we'll get to those), the contoured lines and shape of the seat hug your body just enough that it's the perfect amount of support for miss fanny.

All of this adds up to a solid chair with high weight ratings, reliability features you can count on, and one that your guests will enjoy sitting in for however long you have them in one spot

  • Rugged 18 gauge steel frame
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Only 11.5 lbs.
  • 29.72'' H x 18.5' W x 19'' D
  • Static Weight Capicity of 500 lbs.
  • Dynamic Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Ships assembled and can ship FedEx
  • Non-marring feet glides match the v-tips used to secure the chair
  • Free Shipping on 50+ chairs or when you combine them with tables and chairs over $2K!

Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Vinyl Padded Metal Folding Chair

If you're looking for a quality seating option with an even higher level of comfort, our Titan Series Vinyl Padded Metal Folding Chair may be the answer. 

Now, because this falls under our Titan Series(that's greek for peak performance) Triple-Braced family of metal folding chairs, the frame and the nuts and bolts are all the same as the steel folding chair. 

The robust weight capacity of 500 lbs? Yup, you can expect that same durability with the vinyl padded chair as well. 

3 u-shaped leg braces that are double riveted to the frame to distribute force down the leg? You bet

18 gauge powdercated frame? Available in beige, gray, black, and navy blue with vinyl padded cushion to match. 

Speaking of cushions, let's talk more about that. 

Added comfort is the name of the game. I think most of us would take the option for a refined seating experience if it meant you'd be more comfortable, no matter the situation.

Luckily, our Titan Series Vinyl Padded Metal Folding Chair does just that.

With the contoured backrest already in play here, we upgraded that body hugging seat from our steel chairs with a thick, robust foam underneath the vinyl top. It's as easy to clean as it is to spend hours sitting on.

And as you probably know, vinyl is among the easiest materials to care for, because when a mess happens, it is a quick wipe and you’re back to business. A party rental company dream.

  • Vinyl is paired with CA TB 117 rated foam, which means it meets or exceeds California’s strict flammability requirements.
  • Vinyl-Upholstered Seat and Back
  • 12.5 lbs.
  • 500 lb. Static Weight Capacity
  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Folded Dimensions 18.5''W x 3''D x 39''H
  • Free Shipping on 50+ chairs or when you combine them with tables and chairs over $2K!

Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Fabric Padded Metal Folding Chair

If vinyl isn't your jam and you're on the hunt for a commercial grade seating option that will hold up in a busy educational environment, church, or auditorium and you need that chair to be comfortable and attractive, this is the one for you

The fabric padded versions of these chairs really offer a less institutional look and to me are more inviting.Think less about your conference and more about a banquet hall, filled up with family and friends.

Basically a clone of their vinyl brothers and sister, our Titan Series Fabric Padded Metal Folding Chairs feature the same contoured 18 gauge steel frame and durable rivets as the steel and vinyl folding options.

So, just as tough, just as durable and most importantly, just as desirable. 

What About Something With a Little Extra Cushion?

Now that the overall theme seems to be comfort and if the regular vinyl and fabric padded cushons weren't enough for you, all is not lost.

Don't think of yourself as high maintenance or uncompromising for wanting just a little more for you and your guests. 

We applaud those who go above and beyond for their customers(just as we try to do) and because of those particular people out there in the world, we invite you to try our Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Fabric Padded Metal Folding Chair with 2'' Cushion.

You read that right. 2 inches of plush fabric padded cushion.

Now, everything is the primarly the same with this chair as the others we already talked about, with a few caveats so we'll check off the familiar stuff first.

18 gauge powder coated steel frame with heavy duty rivets in conjunction with the quad hinge design, and 3 u-braces on the legs - 2 of them in the back where it counts. Check.

This particular chair model is different but different in a good way, like Will Hunting was different than his typical south boston friends or how Jim Halpert being normal was actually different from all his unique office coworkers.

The regular fabric padded folding chair and vinyl padded folding chair feature the usual pan seat design with the padding and use a rivet to hold it all together

Not the same story with 2'' cushion, however. We told you it was unique. On this chair there is a sturdy seat frame coupled with a thick, ⅜” masonite board, as you'll see in the video above.

What does all this particular information mean?

It means it's designed more for commercial use than any other metal folding chair in the event industry. If you don't take any of the details away from this long winded conversation - take that at least.

Wait! We haven't even touched on the best part about this chair yet!

What puts this chair at the top of the class is that the backrest is raised another 2 inches higher than other chairs.

Remember, the seat is thicker, and a little higher up, the backrest is raised to still hug your back in the right place. 

Not only that, but the seat is another inch deeper than on our other padded chairs, which feels like you're sitting on a recliner on the beach even if you're stuck at a baby shower for 4 hours.

This is about as comfortable as a folding chair gets. 

  • Fabric is paired with CA TB 117 rated foam, which means it meets or exceeds California’s strict flammability requirements.
  • Fabric-Upholstered Seat and Back
  • 12.75 lbs.
  • 500 lb. Static Weight Capacity
  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Free Shipping on 50+ chairs or when you combine them with tables and chairs over $2K!
  • Cushion is TB 117 rated, to meet or exceed the strict flammability requirements in California. 
  • 2'' Seat Cushion
  • Backrest is 2'' higher to match the cushion height
  • Seat is 16.75'' Deep

Metal Folding Chairs have long been the standard for schools, conference centers, banquet halls and other venues due to their durable frame and contoured comfortable design. 

What makes them a dream for party rental companies is their affordability and ease of maintenance and the peak performance you'll receive for years to come.

When it's time to invest in steel folding chairs or reinvigorate your inventory with these durable seating options, give our experts a shout at EventStable and we'll be more than happy to discuss all your wholesale table and chair needs!


Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

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