Mega Table - When a 5' round won't do, add serpentine tables

Mega Table - When a 5' round won't do, add serpentine tables
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Every so often, we get asked about very large, round folding tables.  "Do you have anything bigger than 72" round?"  I hate to let our customers down, but we don't sell 10 foot round tables.  No one I know does.  Fortunately, we do sell serpentine tables, but more on that later.

You Don't Sell a 10' Round Table?  This is America!

I suppose some folks just want the biggest, baddest banquet tables they can get their hands on.  This is America, after all.

Forget the fact that most doorways are less than 7' tall and you're lucky to have a rental delivery truck with 8' clearance, so any round tables in excess of 6' diameter would be difficult to move around.  I'd love to see the look on the driver's face when you present him with a 120''x120'' pallet of tables.

While I can't help you with the "super size me", fast food, GMO version of a folding table that is 12' in diameter and has the legs of a elephant, I have come up with a solution for those who just aren't satisfied by our 72" round folding tables.

I got the idea from an episode of "TheOffice" when Dwight combines his desk and Jim's to create "Mega Desk".

Naturally Jim retaliates and creates "Quad desk", which gives me an idea for a multi-tier serving table, but I digress.

Meet "Mega Table"

Serpentine Tables to the Rescue

Mega table is comprised of 4 serpentine tables, with a 60'' round folding table in the middle.   Let's break it down...

The 60'' round is 5' in diameter.   Then, each serpentine table measures 30'' from short side to long side, or across.  Put serps all around the round table, and voila, you get a 10' diameter table.

Mega table is designed to satisfy the urge to make the biggest folding table on the planet.  However, there are some other practical applications that can morph from this idea.  You could try raising the 60'' round using some 1'' pvc pipe to create a multi-tiered display for a silent auction.  You could even try a 30'' tabletop in the middle of the 60 for three layers.

So there you have it.  Seating at a single table for 16 people.  Just don't ask us for a tablecloth to cover it.

August 28, 2019
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