Laser Engraved Tent Tags - A Party Rental Company’s New Best Friend

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Laser Engraved Tent Tags - A Party Rental Company’s New Best Friend

Like our laser engraved chair labels and table labels, these tent tags were specifically created to soothe a common party rental company pain point. These heavy-duty 2”x3” plastic tags come with aluminum sleeves and a hole in one end so you can slip a piece of vinyl-coated steel wire through it and permanently attach it to the different pieces of your tent.

Best of all? You don’t need to worry about them showing once the tent is up. The label tucks right into the lacing flap so it’s completely hidden during events. Once you’re packing up the tent after the event, you can let the tag hang out of the bag for easy identification. It’s easy, efficient, and is sure to save you money by avoiding mistakes.


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Our tent tags are completely customizable and come in 8 different colors to choose from. You can select colors that match your branding, or you can even color-code them to reflect different tent sizes entirely. Plus, you can even add your logo for even more customization!

To sweeten the deal even more, Event Stable offers quantity discounts on our already competitive pricing:

  • Buy 50+ for $5.49 each and save 22%
  • Buy 100+ for $4.49 each and save 36%
  • Buy 200+ for $3.99 each and save 43%
  • Buy 500+ for $3.49 each and save 51%

Plus, if you add the swage tool to your order (which will help you affix the tags to the tent), you’ll save $20 off the tool price. Not too shabby of a deal!

Each one of the tent tags comes pre-assembled with the steel cable, so you can use the swage tool to affix it directly to the swage sleeve to fasten onto your tents. When it comes time to identify the specs of the tent on the tag itself, you can either use a permanent market or drill right through the tag. You’ll be able to select the size of the top, grade, and lacing configuration in seconds.

Starting at $3.49 wholesale, these tent tags are too convenient to pass up. When you’re ready to say goodbye to tent mixups, give us a call at 866-360-4642 or place your order online today!

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September 19, 2019