Introducing the Chameleon Chair Collection

Introducing the Chameleon Chair Collection
July 8, 2020 560 view(s)

Introducing the Chameleon Chair Collection

If there were ever a chair collection that could steal the show at any event, it would be Chameleon Chairs. Known for their unique and elegant silhouettes, they are easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost designers, event planners and venues.

What really sets every seating option apart from the Chameleon Chair Collection is the freedom of choice. As a customer of Chameleon Chair, you get to choose frame color, cushion color, fabric and pattern.

With multiple collections, each more jaw-dropping than the next, there’s no end to creating magnificent events with Chameleon Chairs.

Let us fill you in a bit more on these cutting-edge collections and why these chairs are so special.

The celebrity amongst the Chameleon Chair Collections is the Fanfare Collection.

If you're looking for an elegant yet versatile steel stacking chair that compliments just about any venue and outperforms the rest then this is it. 

Specifically engineered for maximum comfort as well as style, Chameleon Chair's unique metallic back and frame are just the beginning when it comes to combining durability with cultivated sophistication.

The floral detail in this Chameleon Chair is what makes it truly unique.

The Bella Fleur Collection elegant details make for the perfect stacking chair available in Gold, Silver and Mahogany.

Bella Braid

The Bella Braid's intertwining back design makes for a one of a kind dining experience chair will leave you confident that you're not sacrificing performance for whimsical flair.

Simply X

Sleek and defining, the Simply X Collection is just that.

The X makes a statement with its clean lines and sophistication. Its durable yet luxurious high-gloss nish gives a smooth and flawless appearance.

La Corde

With the sound of sophistication the La Corde Collection offers a truly show-stopping appearance. This luxury event seating features a unique cord detailed frame.

I hope we’ve given you a glimpse into this show-stopping new stacking chair collection now available on If you do decide to purchase Chameleon Chair, you'll want to keep this handy guide close to keep your stacking chair cushions in prime condition. 

Speaking of stacking, it is also worth mentioning that each chair features bumpers to keep them aligned within each stack. This helps prevent damage in storage and transportation. 

The Chameleon Dolly is an integral part of the Chameleon Chair Experience. Each dolly can hold up to 36 chairs in stacks of 6 and 36 cushions, as well as liners and toppers. Check it out here!

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