How to Put Together a High Top Cocktail Table - With Pictures!

How to Put Together a High Top Cocktail Table - With Pictures!
By Will Murphy
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How to Put Together a High Top Cocktail Table - With Pictures!

If you are scared to buy cocktail tables for your events because you don't know how you would go about putting them together, fear not, friend. 

It's super easy!

Yeah, I know, they come with two poles and you're not sure how you would use both. Or what the heck is with the little notches?

I get it, which is why I thought it might be helpful to put together a quick little guide on how to assemble your high top (cocktail) tables. And, I don't always like to read, so I figured I'd include some photos that will drive the point right home. 
Here goes. 

The Cocktail Table Cart

Start with a completely assembled, ready to go cocktail table cart and pull your pieces from there.

Wait, you don't have a cart? That's crazy! Stop reading this and get one, now!


The cool thing about these carts is that you can walk around the room setting up tables, and just pull the cart along with you. 

Anyway, grab a cocktail table base from the top of the cart. If you're a shorty, you may need to carry a step stool around with you as well, because the very top of that pole you see is about 6' 6''.


This particular step doesn't need much guidance. Just put the base flat on the ground. 

Really I just wanted an excuse to draw those squiggly lines. 

Seriously though, it is often easier to make sure you are on level ground at this stage than when the table is all put together, so make sure the base is flat. 

Decide on a Pole

The first and only fork in the road is which pole to choose. 

Your cocktail tables are going to come with two separate poles, which can be used interchangeably. 

The long one is used to make a ''leaner'' or ''belly bar'' (a standard bar-height table). 

The short one is used to make a dining height table (think little cafe tables for 2). 

Aim and Fire!

Once you've chosen a pole (some call it a column if they are fancy), you want to insert it into the base. 

You'll notice that there are little notches cut out of either end of the poles. 

It doesn't matter which end you put in the base, as long as you just commit to it and move on to the next step. 

Aim again

Now, grab that tabletop. It does't matter if it's a 24'', 30'', or 36'' top. It has what we call a "coupler" (the thing that is permanently mounted to the underside of the tabletop) that we want to line up with the top of our column. 

Spin me right 'round baby

This is where those little notches on the end of the poles come into play. 

On the inside of the coupler, there are corresponding protrusions that are intended to line up with those notches. 

To get them to line up, you just have to spin the top and the whole thing will just fall into place. 

Sometimes people forget this step, and think they have wobbly, cheap cocktail tables. Just give it a spin and let the fun begin. 



What an achievement.

I always like to step back and admire my work when I have crafted something so amazing.

Oh, and when you're all done with the event, you pretty much just want to go in reverse order. 

I find it helpful to put a foot on the base while I lift off the tabletop, and then pull the pole out of whichever component had the better grip.


Buy Cocktail Tables Online at EventStable

Now that I've written this, I realize it may be more helpful after you buy cocktail tables. Or maybe my intention was close and this helps you realize that the ease of set up makes these tables the one for your facility. 

Either way, we would love to help with your cocktail table purchase. If we can help with anything else, from quoting a bulk order to helping you determine shipping, feel free to contact us

Author: Will Murphy

Will is one of the owners here at EventStable. He lives in California with three amazing ladies and a boxer named Frank. A former party rental operator, he cannot resist the urge to turn over a chair out in public to see who made it. "Dad, you love folding chairs", is the common response. 

January 15, 2020