How To Prepare For Graduation Season

How To Prepare For Graduation Season
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How To Prepare For Graduation Season

With graduation season quickly approaching, it’s crunch time for people who are looking for party chairs for sale and other event rental essentials. Luckily, having a well-stocked armory of party tables and chairs will ensure your rental company can meet the demand, and if you’re simply a party host looking to pick up some cheap folding tables for your graduation celebration, you’ve come to the right place!

The most important elements of a graduation party (besides the food, of course!) are the tables and chairs. (And if you’re planning an outdoor event, make sure to account for a tent as well to protect against inclement weather.) Our outdoor folding chairs are available in both large and small quantities to satisfy your party’s need, and for the budget-conscious shopper, our wooden folding chairs start at just $23 with quantity discounts available.

This graduation get-together is ready to get started with round cocktail tables and folding chairs for an upscale, but still fun look. Image: Flickr

Graduation party venues also need to make sure their bottom line gets protected, so if you have a large graduation party coming up and you need to re-stock your supply of reception chairs, Event Stable’s party chairs for sale for wholesale accounts come in a huge variety of colors and styles to match your existing stock (or for you to choose from to start your own stock!)

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Didn’t we mention that there were two important things for every graduation party? That’s right — let’s talk tables! Folding tables are going to give you the easiest time when it comes to storage, set-up, and teardown, so let’s focus on those.

For bigger graduation parties, a rectangular 8 foot folding table holds the largest amount of people and is still a manageable size for most (if not all) venues. If you prefer a more intimate table arrangement, a 4 foot folding table keeps things cozy. Both sizes (and many more) come in both plastic and wood and start at less than $100 for the perfect blend of convenience and affordability.

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Since graduation generally takes place in late spring/early summer, it’s pretty common for rainstorms to drive the party indoors. However, if you plan ahead with one of our outdoor party tents, you can keep the party going rain or shine. Plus, they’re convenient for much more than just parties. Take them to the beach or your next tailgate! And if you’re a party supply rental company, you already know that these canopies are incredibly helpful and great for ROI. Pick up a few and impress your customers with your foresight during every season.

Casual folding chairs and banquet rounds accommodate a large graduation party with ease. Image: Flickr

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Now, if you’re just someone who loves hosting parties and doesn’t need a whole slew of cheap folding tables or tents, that’s perfectly okay too! There are tons of party rental companies that will take care of your entire graduation party for a fee. However, if you find yourself entertaining regularly even after graduation season, you won’t want to have to keep renting the same items over and over again. Consider some high-quality, but affordably cheap chairs for sale to keep everyone happy and seated at graduation, birthdays, holidays, you name it.

Graduation is a unique celebration that should be honored accordingly. Surround yourself with friends, family and great food to mark this special occasion the right way. Call our experts at Event Stable (866-360-4642) to find out more about our party tables and chairs and set yourself up for the best party ever!

August 28, 2019