How To Pair Round Tablecloths With The Right Banquet Tables

How To Pair Round Tablecloths With The Right Banquet Tables

How To Pair Round Tablecloths With The Right Banquet Tables

When your clients wants their event to look a certain way, you’ll need to take stock of your rental inventory beforehand to see if you can accommodate their requests. They may want an all-white wedding reception, or they may want a chic black-and-white affair. No matter what they ask for, once you confirm that you have the color scheme they want, it’s up to you to gather the necessary cocktail tables, polyester linens, and banquet tables to fulfill the party of their dreams.

Most rental tablecloths come in black, white, and ivory, but you need to make sure that the ones you have (or need to get) correspond with your rental tables. Are your round tablecloths big enough to drape over a cocktail table, or are they only going to fit on a wide banquet table? Do you only have rectangular linens, or enough round ones?

Here’s an easy primer on how to match round polyester tablecloths with the right cocktail and banquet tables.


90'' Round Tablecloths

90” round tablecloths can be used over round banquet tables that are 30” high and still drop to the floor. When you size up your table to a 60” round, however, the linen tablecloth drop goes down to 15”. This is great for when you want a two-layered table design, paired with one of the larger round tablecloths. Finally, these can be used on the smaller 24” cocktail tables as well.


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108'' Round Tablecloths

108” round tablecloths provide a 24” drop on 60” round banquet tables, leaving approximately 6” between the bottom of the linen and the ground. This is perfect for if you want to minimize the risk of someone stepping on the edge of the tablecloth as they stand up, or at outdoor events where you don’t want the cloth to touch the ground. You can also easily use 108” circular tablecloths on 30" cocktail tables (at bar height) for to-the-floor coverage.


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120'' Round Tablecloths

Although these are one of the larger polyester linen sizes available, it’s one of the best thanks to its versatility and nearly universal usage with commonly sized rental tables. When draped over a 60” round table, these tablecloths will reach the floor and look stunning. If you have a 30" cocktail table, this is the size you’ll want to use if you plan on tying the tablecloth to the base of the table.


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132'' Round Tablecloths

Finally, as the largest size of round polyester tablecloths that we offer, 132” linens are most often used for a floor-length drop on 72” round banquet tables that fits 10 people around it. They’re also perfect on 30” and 36” cocktail tables when tied to the column so they don’t puddle on the floor.

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No matter what size round banquet tables or cocktail tables you have, we can help you pair them with the best round polyester tablecloths for your inventory. Click the link below to view our entire selection of round tablecloths, or give us a call at 866-360-4642 with any questions.


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September 3, 2019