How To Find Restaurant Chairs & Furniture

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How To Find Restaurant Chairs & Furniture

Opening a restaurant is a huge investment — in both time and money. It takes a lot to get set up for success in the highly competitive restaurant world, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you put your best foot forward on opening day and every day after.For instance, besides hiring the right people, coming up with a brilliant concept, and picking out a location, you’ll need to invest in some high-quality furniture like restaurant chairs, wholesale tablecloths, wood banquet tables, and much more. However, staying on budget is crucial (especially in the beginning), so here are a few suggestions on how to find restaurant chairs and other furniture that will last with daily use and won’t kill your budget before you even begin.

Restaurant Chairs

Depending on your size, aesthetic, and of course budget, you’ll need to pick from a pretty large variety of different restaurant seating options. For instance, do you need restaurant barstools or restaurant chairs? Maybe just one, maybe both. Solidify your concept and check out the available chairs here, where you can sort by price, style, color and much more to find your perfect inventory.

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Restaurant Tables

Tables are essential for all restaurant furniture orders, no matter if you’re a fine dining establishment or counter service. Since wooden banquet tables are larger pieces of equipment, you’ll need to measure your space before ordering multiples and decide between square, rectangular or wholesale round tables. Lay them out on graph paper, but order a few extra folding tables so you don’t lose any potential revenue if one goes out of commission unexpectedly.

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Want to simplify your order? Event Stable offers restaurant packages that include both wholesale tables and chairs so it’s easy (and more affordable) to find exactly what you need in one easy place.For instance, larger spaces may benefit from our 200/25 package: 200 wood Chiavari chairs and 25 tables. Best of all, you get to pick the chair color and table style from the following options:
  • Chair color: white, black, gold, silver, fruitwood, white wash, natural or mahogany.
  • Table options: 8'x30" plastic or wood folding banquet tables, or 60" round wood or plastic folding tables.
This package is also available for 100 people if your space is smaller, but either way, it’s a heck of a bargain.And if you are stocking for an outdoor space, you can get the same package savings! The same 200/25 package is available with resin folding chairs (preferable for outdoors).
  • Chair color: white, black, or mahogany.
  • Table options: 8'x30" plastic or wood folding banquet tables, or 60" round wood or plastic folding tables.

Other Restaurant Furniture

Of course, restaurant chairs and tables are just the beginning of the essentials you’ll need. Luckily, Event Stable is a one-stop shop for all the restaurant furniture options you can dream of. Need a fire pit or patio heater? Just check out our Outdoor Products options to keep your guests happy in all weather. We even offer bars for sale so you don’t need to shell out for custom designs when money is tight.Get started the right way, with the right equipment. Call us today at 866-360-4642 so we can help you find exactly what you need for complete restaurant success.

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September 3, 2019