How to Clean Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers

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How to Clean Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers

Laundering Chiavari chair cushions in between events is a step that some rental companies or venues sometimes wish they could avoid, but it’s actually a pretty simple endeavor. And if you’re skeptical about that remark, Event Stable has put together some quick tips on how to best clean your Spandex Chiavari cushion covers to make it as easy as possible, no matter if you’re a veteran of the industry or just getting started.

If you’re in the rental or event business, you probably have a whole slew of Chiavari chairs in your inventory. After all, they are the most popular seating option in the industry today. That means that you probably have some seat pads and cushion covers for some (if not all) of them as well.

If that’s the case, you’re going to encounter spills, stains, and other grime that will need to be addressed to avoid having to replace your seat cushions. Luckily, Event Stable provides Spandex Chiavari cushion covers that are easy to care for and easy to replace when needed.


How To Care For Your Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers

How to clean your Spandex Chiavari cushion coversHow to clean your Spandex Chiavari cushion coversHow to clean your Spandex Chiavari cushion coversHow to clean your Spandex Chiavari chair cushion covers

No Ironing

You don’t need to iron your Spandex Chiavari cushion covers. Thanks to their taut design that fits snugly over your wood-backed seat pad, they’re easy to slip off, toss in the laundry, dry, and slip right back on without any wrinkles or creases to deter from their crisp appearance.

No Bleach

You don’t need to send your Spandex Chiavari cushion covers out for a professional cleaning. Regular colorfast laundry detergent and a warm tumble dry will do the trick. However, it’s best to avoid bleach even on white seat cushion covers. Unless you have an extremely dark or stubborn stain, bleach can be very harsh on Spandex. Opt for more natural or eco-friendly detergents. Of course, on colors other than white, bleach is never an option.

When in doubt, test your laundering technique on a sample seat cover first to check the results.

No Problem!

That’s pretty much it! Spandex Chiavari cushion covers are super easy to care for and, with proper maintenance, can maintain their dazzling appearance for many events to come.

One thing to note, however, is that Spandex Chiavari cushion covers are for use on wood-backed cushions only. For soft Chiavari seat cushion options, check out our Satin Envelope Cushion Covers and other Chiavari cushion options for sale at Event Stable.

How To Use Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers


Event Stable offers 14 different colors as well as quantity discounts and free shipping over orders of $99 or more. With these deals, our high-quality, party-tested guarantee and affordable prices that start at $2.49 wholesale/$3.49 retail, these are the easiest-to-maintain cushion covers you can find anywhere. Give us a call at 866-360-4642 with any questions or when you’re ready to place your order. Our industry experts are standing by.

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September 3, 2019