How to Clean Rust Off Of White Plastic Folding Chairs

How to Clean Rust Off Of White Plastic Folding Chairs
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Keeping your white plastic folding chairs and tables clean can be a challenge, especially after an outdoor event. From dirt to grass to rain, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll need to do some deep cleaning afterwards.

One of the toughest things to combat on your white rental furniture is rust. Once it takes hold, it can be hard to get rid of. Fortunately, with a few preventative measures (like towel-drying your chairs before you fold them up) and some elbow grease, you won’t have to stand the look of unsightly rust on your white chairs and tables.

Here are a few industry-tested tips on how to clean rusty plastic folding chairs.

Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers continue to be the cleanser of choice for party rental companies and venues. These cut through dirt and grime — and yes, even rust — without messing up your plastic folding chairs or tables. You can use them on virtually every item that you rent out.

There are also several off-brand duplicates that you might be able to find at dollar stores or home improvement warehouses, but when in doubt, stick to the original.

Pressure Washer

Rust is caused by water and dampness, so you might not immediately think of using a pressure washer on your furniture. However, with some hot water and soap, pressure washers have proven to be very effective at diminishing the appearance of rust. Their high-pressure water stream is a great way to cut through tough stains and keep your plastic folding chairs and rented banquet tables looking pristine.


CLR stands for Calcium, Lime, and Rust, making this an effective option for reducing the appearance of rust on your rental inventory. If you are facing tough rust stains on plastic folding chairs (especially light colored ones) use CLR according to the directions on the bottle. Supplement your efforts with abrasive pads when needed.


Lime-A-Way is often used as a bathroom cleaner, where lime deposits and rust stains are prevalent. However, many party rental experts swear by it on their rental furniture. After damp or rainy events, your furniture can build up “hard” stains like rust, and the chemicals in Lime-A-Way are engineered to fight them so you don’t have to worry about them permanently staining anything.


Finally, Soft Scrub with Bleach is another common bathroom cleaner that’s also often used by party rental companies. It’s an inexpensive way to wash away rust, and you can pick up a bottle at most grocery stores. If you’re squeamish about using bleach, you’ll want to avoid this option, but if you’ve tried everything else without success, then it’s worth it to give Soft Scrub a shot.

Between preventing rust and treating it, there are lots of ways to make sure that your white plastic folding chairs last you a long, long time. To see what other expert tips Event Stable has to offer, check out the rest of our blog or give us a call at 866-360-4642 to speak with a rental expert today.

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September 3, 2019
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