A Roadmap On Choosing The Right Chair

A Roadmap On Choosing The Right Chair

A Roadmap On Choosing The Right Chair

Being in customer service for some time has given us some insight on a speed bump that our customers tend to run into. The most common question is:

"What is the best chair for my needs?"

This happens a lot with those just getting started with an Event Venue or and even a seasoned pro who is looking to take a new approach and replace their aging inventory.

Below, we’ve outlined a quick reference guide on what to consider when making your chair purchase

Determine The Most Hosted Events


Check trends, as well as what has stayed popular for some time.

For Example; Cross Back Chairs have been trending strong for the past 4-5 years, but Chiavari Chairs have stayed a timeless classic for decades. 


Special Events

  • These can consist of birthday parties to graduations to retirement parties. People hosting these types of events are commonly looking for an economic option.

  • Having plastic or resin folding chairs in your inventory would be a fantastic choice. They’re both very versatile and budget friendly

Shopping and Comparing

Pricing - Do as much research online as possible

  • The internet is a beautiful thing and puts many useful resources at your fingertips. Just a word of advice... everyone is looking for the best deal!

  • However, be careful to not be tempted with the cheapest deal. Most of the event furniture re-sellers are selling virtually the same type of equipment.

  • If you find someone selling a chair for significantly less then the common trending price, let this be a red flag!!! 

Reviews - Again, do your research

  • When you’re preparing to make a hefty investment, research the company’s reviews. A lot of websites will have customer reviews not only on how the company performed but the quality of product.

  • This is a helpful guide in knowing what you’ll be purchasing. You can also check other reliable sources such as Google, yelp and BBB for additional reviews.


  • Research the market in your area. Check to see what your competition is doing. Ask around to see what people are looking for or talking about.

  • Also, use social media for inspiration, like Pinterest and Instagram. They both will provide a great overview of fantastic ideas and what's new and the latest trending in the event industry.

Samples - try the product out!

Once you have an idea of which chair(s) you are most interested in, we recommend ordering a sample.

Seeing, touching and experiencing the chair in person will help confirm if the chair will be right for your event needs. If it’s not what you desire, it’s a much easier process dealing with a single chair vs. potentially a very large purchase that didn’t work out!

Hopefully with just a few of these key tips, we were able to lighten up the decision-making process. Reach out to anyone of our customer service reps for additional input or recommendations. We pride ourselves on being a helpful resource to our customers.

Author: Claire Stevens

Claire is our Inside Sales and Customer Service Manager here at EventStable. She lives in a beautiful piece of paradise on the Central Coast of California. While she is away from work, Claire and her strikingly handsome husband are busy raising their two minions with a third, making his debut, May of 2020. Claire and her family enjoy the outdoors with boating on Lake Nacimento, frequently camping with friends and family but also appreciate a nice family movie night.

February 13, 2020