How to be Successful on Instagram

How to be Successful on Instagram

How to be Successful on Instagram

Everybody wants to have a large, successful Instagram profile. We’ve all caught ourselves admiring the much larger accounts with thousands, maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands, of followers.

Truth is, it’s not easy. There is a lot of time and creativity that needs to be put into your profile(or money from Kris Jenner). Think about the content you’re posting, how often you post, and the ability to catch an audience.

Instagram has grown to be a very well known platform for businesses and big names to express their differences and strengths, to make them “stand-out” from competitors.

You may be doing your business a diservice by not hopping on the bandwagon and getting your name out there as well. We'll go through some tips to keep you relevant and your customers engaged.

Be Active - But Not Too Active

It’s important to have a consistent and active Instagram profile. The more you post, the more often you appear on people’s newsfeed!

But make sure you’re also not “flooding” Instagram with spam posts. If you post too often in a short period of time, Instagram will start to hide your posts, as the platform will recognize it as “spam,” and less people will see your content.

A successful business-based Instagram account will normally post anywhere from 1-4 times a day, throughout the day.

Post Engaging Content

People like to follow an Instagram page that they can engage with and relate to. Whether your page is for personal or business use, it’s important that your posts can get your followers interested.

Be creative with your post descriptions. Have a “daily poll” or ask simple ice breaker questions to get your audience on Instagram involved. This will promote them to look forward to your posts, keep them coming back for comments and check up on your profile!

Most importantly, know how to run the “explore tab” on Instagram. The Explore Tab is a section on Instagram that is personalized to each user’s interests based off of their searches, who they’re following, and what posts they like and comment on.

In other words, if Instagram users are consistently engaging with your profile and posts, Instagram will suggest your profile to the same similar audience.

That also means KNOWING your audience. Keep the content you post on Instagram consistent. If your Instagram page is based on traveling, you probably shouldn’t be posting very much #foodie posts...

Eye-Catching Profile and Bio

Your Instagram profile is the first thing someone sees when they look you up, click on your tag, or find you in the “explore tab.” It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else.

Take advantage of the “highlights” section on your profile. You can come up with really creative looks for cover images that’ll be sure to blow your profile out of the water.

Here is an example of a simple, yet aesthetically-pleasing, theme of an Instagram profile using the most out of their Highlights space.

You also want a bio that pulls your profile together. Whether it’s something fun and spunky, or something informational and business savvy, you should make it match the theme of your profile.

Think Outside of Instagram

Try to advertise your profile on your other social media accounts and add it to the homepage of your website. If you have a blog, create content that draws or links customers to your instagram profile.

A lot of people have even started putting their Instagram tag on their business cards.

While it can be helpful to compare your Instagram to other Instagrammers, make sure you are staying true to your own originality.

Don’t compare your own success to others, we all grow at different speeds in our own creative styles. The followers aren’t going to show up overnight, so don’t be losing sleep over it.

Most importantly, make sure you’re still having fun with Instagram!

February 7, 2020