How To Assemble & Find Cocktail Tables For Sale

How To Assemble & Find Cocktail Tables For Sale
September 3, 2019 567 view(s)
How To Assemble & Find Cocktail Tables For Sale

There are a few things that party rental companies and venues will always use for virtually every event — chairs, folding or banquet tables, and cocktail tables.

Cocktail tables (otherwise referred to as “high top tables”, “high cocktail tables”, “pub tables”, “leaner tables” or “pedestal tables”) often skirt the edges of a ballroom or venue to provide a casual area to gather around with a convenient place to put plates of food or drinks. They can also be used as intimate dining tables at a lower height, often in cafes or upscale restaurants.

However you choose to use your standard height or high cocktail tables, those who use them agree that they serve an extremely unique and profitable purpose. If you’re unfamiliar with how they work or need a refresher on how to put yours together, read on!

One of the best parts about cocktail tables for events is that they’re extremely easy to put together or take apart, depending on your needs. A cocktail table cart is a handy accessory to have, but even without one, a single person can disassemble a high cocktail table in just a few seconds. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put one together:

Specs of Wholesale Cocktail Tables

As mentioned in the video above, every one of Event Stable’s cocktail tables for sale comes with a tabletop, coupler, base and two poles for adjusting the height. Standard dining height is 30” high, while the high cocktail table height is 42” high. Available in both round and square kits, these versatile cocktail tables for events can be used for rental events or for permanent use; either way, the commercial-grade quality you get means they’re sturdy enough for a variety of uses.

Best of all? Due to how often cocktail tables are used, rental companies in particular stand to do more than just recoup their investment. These classic accessories command a high rental rate, making them a valuable asset when it comes to maximizing your return.

Available Sizes From Event Stable

Standard and pub height tables create an interesting atmosphere in dining areas. Image: Flickr[/caption]


Round Pedestal Tables:

Best Used For: Formal and professional events, indoor and outdoor use, generally using the 42” poles with barstools or no seating.

Square Pedestal Tables:


Best Used For: Permanent use in a restaurant or grill, indoor and outdoor use, generally using the 30” poles and standard dining chairs. Have questions? Need more information on foldable high top tables or where to buy wholesale cocktail tables? Give us a call at 866-360-4642 to find the best cocktail tables for sale in the industry!

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