How Party Rental Businesses Can Create A Thriving Facebook Community

How Party Rental Businesses Can Create A Thriving Facebook Community
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How Party Rental Businesses Can Create A Thriving Facebook Community

The good news is that the way to get people engaged and commenting on your Facebook page -- is right up your alley. This article will show you how to use fun moments, lasting memories, and unique experiences that help you build a “tribe” of people who engage with your page, refer their friends, and become loyal customers.

Let’s begin with the basics.


Social media is a place to build community. When you use it to directly promote your business over and over, it turns people off. But when you use it in a way that genuinely helps, informs, or entertains - that’s when you start to win.

If you’ve been using Facebook only to promote your business and show off your products, then it may take time to rebuild the trust of your followers. The good news is that you’re going to have a whole lot of fun doing it, and it will strengthen your entire business (not just on social media) along the way.

You’re in the business of creating memories - use it to your advantage!

Give people a reason to like you.

Borrowing from lessons learned in digital marketing and content strategy, consider how you might create a fresh new approach to your posts and images. Instead of asking for support, ask yourself how you might be able to support your followers, or in some way enrich their lives.

You’ve built an entire business around helping people create memorable experiences.
How can you break that into bite-size portions for your social media followers?

One way is to find consistent, small ideas that inspire people to turn ordinary moments into memorable experiences. Encourage your audience to find ways to make every day special by teaching them how to add simple but special touches into their normal routines.

Weave your way into their daily lives with stories, tips, and ideas for creating fun or romantic experiences. Give them a reason to turn an ordinary Friday night into a party.

Instead of pushing for big-ticket rentals, plant the seeds of smaller-ticket items that can make memories in the simplest of environments. Keep in mind that each happy customer is one that will probably return to you when it’s time for the big events in their life.


Here are some starter ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Girls’ night (margarita machine)
  2. Slumber party (make it a purple party with all-purple linens!)
  3. Game night (rent a poker table)
  4. “Stranger Things” binge weekend (chocolate fountain)
  5. National Night Out (bar or patio heaters)
  6. Karaoke night (small stage)

Try to keep the focus on human interaction and activities, and keep your self-promotions to a minimum. For example, briefly mention a chocolate fountain but offer other ways to create a memorable girls’ night.

Fill your blog with articles that include stories, ideas, and inspiration. Share it on Facebook and be sure to a link to the full article at your site. This way you’re sending traffic to your website and have the chance to capture email leads.


Tell great stories through video

Start thinking like a reporter and begin looking for real-life moments that inspire you. Pull out your camera and start asking questions or filming things that catch your attention.

These can be fun, heartwarming, funny, ridiculous, or even awkward. You might be at your grandma's 100th birthday party, a sports event, or in your own party rental showroom.

Keep looking for those special moments and you’ll begin noticing them everywhere you go.

This is a great chance to pump up the volume on your niche and branding. Are you known as the place that creates romantic settings? Then look for romantic moments. Are you the goofy company that loves to get people laughing? Find the humor in everyday life.

Keep in mind that every person who walks through your showroom door is an opportunity for inspiration. Find out what’s unique about everyone you meet, and when you discover something extraordinary - film it!

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to create Facebook fans out of your current customers.

If you create a compilation reel of couples talking about the moment they got engaged, be sure to let them know when it’s published! Use your email marketing list to let people know about the heartwarming video and articles you’ve posted this week on Facebook.

At the end of the day, try to tie it all back to the content at your website. Links to articles and simple calls to action within those articles are a great way to promote your business without turning people off. You can even turn your videos into blog posts by having them it transcribed and doing a bit of copy editing to clean it up!

Social media is a lot like real life. When you’re genuinely interested in helping other people, you become a more interesting person. What other ways can you think of that might spark more engagement within your Facebook community?

Drop by ours and let us know - we’d love to hear about it!

By: Rhonda Bradley

September 3, 2019