"How Much Space Will My Folding Chairs Take Up?"

"How Much Space Will My Folding Chairs Take Up?"
By Connor Rusinko
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"How Much Space Will My Folding Chairs Take Up?"

With tradeshow season in that middle ground between full swing and winding down and the temperatures heading over 40 degrees in New England(enjoy your endless summer, Florida), your mind is locked and loaded on event season. 

If you're a party rental company owner or a an event venue, you know there's an equal demand for indoor and outdoor events.

Even more popular as of late: the outdoor wedding ceremony followed by an indoor reception(best to keep the heavily hydrated groomsmen contained in an air conditioned facility).

So, taking all that into account, sounds like you're in need of a dynamic chair that you can use for all types of functions in an array of elements? 

Look no further than folding chairs - plastic, wood, or resin. They all have redeaming qualities that keep our customers coming back time and time again, asking questions about inventory, wholesale discounts, durbality, size, and basically anything that impacts the day to day business.

In this blog we'll answer some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our folding chairs and hopefully bring some peace of mind along the way.  

How Much Space Will My Folding Chairs Take Up?

The general rule of thumb for this one is basically as high as whatever makes you comfortable. 

For inventory purposes, we recommend stacking Resin Folding Chairs about 25 chairs high. Why? 25 is an easy number for counting, it's the amount of pizza slices I'm going to eat this weekend, and a stack of 25 makes transportation very manageable.

So in terms of actual space in your warehouse or venue thta's being occupied- check out the folded dimensions of your product. 

Our Resin Folding Chairs have a folded length of 25'' with a thickness of 2.25''. That means you're going to need about 6 feet of verticle height to account for the thickness.

Their 18” x 36” footprint means that 200 chairs take up around 36 square feet

Remember to account for the pallet if they happen to be stacked on one and remember to buy resin folding chairs in bulk so you can receive free shipping on every order!

What About Wood Folding Chairs?

Just like resin folding chairs, stacking wood folding chairs 25 high is a safe bet. 

However, if you have 7' 4'' Rick Smits on the payroll then by all means, stack your heart out until you reach the moon. 

Again, the only thing you need to account for is overhead space and the foot print of the folded chair.

With a folded dimensions of 17.5'' w x 35.5'' L x 2.5'' H, you're basically trying to cut out a 3' ft. x 2 ft. rectangle for each stack.


So Do Plastic Folding Chairs Also Stack 25 Chairs High?

Plastic Folding Chairs can easily stack 25 chairs high.

But if you're concerned about space, as this blog implies, you can safely securely create a stack of 50.

How can that be? Just look at the size of a plastic folding chair compared to a resin or wood chair. 

Poly chairs or "samsonite" chairs as they're also known, weigh much less than any chair in your inventory, creating easy maneuverability

Your Plastic Folding Chairs when folded and stacked are going to be about 2 inches longer than the resin and wood chairs but their width remains the same.

Now, here's the interesting part where we see that all the forces in the world must be working together. 

When you stack 2 plastic folding chairs on top of each other, they "nest", creating the exact same stack height as your wood and resin folding chairs. 

Individual plastic folding chairs have a footprint of around 18’’ x 39’’, which comes in at slightly under 5 square feet (if you are not using a dolly cart).

200 plastic folding rental chairs will take up around 20 square feet, so they are a great option if you’re short on storage space but still want to provide options that will maximize your return on investment.

If you have any questions about buying folding chairs in bulk or how much room you need for your other rental furniture, give us a call so one of our expert team members at EventStable can help you out!

Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

March 3, 2020