How A Dolly Cart Will Make Your Life Easier (And Make You Money)

How A Dolly Cart Will Make Your Life Easier (And Make You Money)
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By Connor Rusinko
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How A Dolly Cart Will Make Your Life Easier (And Make You Money)

Investing in folding chairs and tables is a no-brainer for savvy venue managers and party rental companies. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maximizing your profits as well as your time.

Measuring time spent isn’t nearly as straightforward as calculating margins or forecasting seasonality shifts in business. The more time you spend setting up and tearing down events cuts into your profits, so it’s in your best interest to streamline your efficiencies as much as possible.

That’s where the handy-dandy dolly cart comes in.

Dollies are the workhorses of the rental industry. Not only do they allow your team to transport equipment efficiently, it’s a much safer method of conveying items from storage to set-up. That means when you invest in folding chair dollies — or any other type of cart — you aren’t just saving time. You’re protecting your business from potential injuries as well.

Using a dolly cart for set-up and teardown is a crucial time-saver for events of all sizes.

Why Should I Buy A Dolly Cart?

You shouldn’t buy one dolly cart. You should invest in several, depending on the size of your business. There is a huge variety of cart types that cater to specific needs, so whatever your niche rental business is, there’s a dolly cart that is sure to fit your requirements.

Different Types of Dollies and Carts

Multipurpose Carts

For general usage, these versatile carts are a great way to start. They can range from moving up to 8 folding tables to simple chair pallets, so if you run a small business or are trying to find a long-term solution for the right price, consider investing in this type of dolly cart.

Folding Chair Dollies

During most events, what do you tend to put out the most of? Probably folding chairs. These folding chair dollies make set-up and teardown a snap. These types of dollies are best for event venues like hotels, conference centers, or wedding venues that find themselves setting up large numbers of chairs on a regular basis.

Table Carts

Folding tables are likely the heaviest things that need to be moved during events. In reality, there’s almost no way to move tables from storage to set-up back to storage without a dolly cart. Protect your employees as well as your bottom line by providing reliable table carts that will stand the test of time.

Stack Chair Dollies

Chiavari chair dollies are specially designed to efficiently transport Chiavari chairs. As one of the most common stacked chairs for rent by most venues, a Chiavari chair dolly is essential to protect the integrity of the chairs over the long term. This style of dolly cart also fits most crossback chairs and banquet chairs, so if you have heavy-duty stacking chairs for rent that need to be moved, stack chair dollies will simplify the process.

Shop Stack Chair Dollies

Stacked folding chairs await pickup in bulk, saving time and money.


These party-tested dollies come in a huge variety of price points, starting at around $20 and ultimately into the thousands for professional-grade electric movers perfect for trade shows or trades that consistently move heavy items. Think about what you need a dolly cart for. Are you a church who needs to set-up hundreds of folding chairs each week, or are you a hotel who owns multiple sets of banquet chairs and tables? By determining what you already have in your inventory and consider what you may add in the future, you’ll be able to find the right dolly in the right price point right here.


You can buy a variety of dolly carts and handtrucks here at Event Stable. We only provide the highest-quality options for party rental companies after testing them ourselves. Plus, we even offer bundle packages so you can save more by combining your investment into one purchase.


No matter if you need to move a few pop-up tents or a thousand folding chairs, there’s a dolly cart (or carts) that will save you time and money. Invest in your future by calling Event Stable at 866-360-4642 to find the right cart for you today.

August 28, 2019