Home Depot Folding Chairs Vs. EventStable

Home Depot Folding Chairs Vs. EventStable

Not that far removed from the days of just supplying sheetwood and building materials, Home Depot has truly evolved into a one stop shop for all your residential and commercial needs. 


Pick up a pack of lightbulbs, maybe some paint to spruce up the edging on your shed, and don’t forget a Snickers bar in the checkout line - that’ll come in handy later when you’re running on fumes trying to set up around the house for the big party. 


Now you’re running through the checklist in your head because who has time to write anything down these days, right? Use a pen? And paper? It’s called the environment, pal and you’re saving it one day at a time by using your big brain, forgetting something important and not using big paper produced by The Man.


Anyway, you’re walking out of the store, counting down the minutes until all the prep work is finished so you can relax and sit down with friends and it hits you - uh oh, where is everybody going to sit? Folding Chairs are needed and needed fast. 


Walmart, Costco, BJ’s, Target all offer them but does Home Depot sell folding chairs? You bet! That’s why this blog has “Home Depot Folding Chairs” in the title, silly!


Turn around and wipe that sweat from your brow, my friend. We’ll get through this together - one plastic, metal, or blow molded folding chair option at a time and we’ll look at how they stack up vs the other wholesale folding chair suppliers (but really just us at EventStable).

Plastic Folding Chairs

Convenience and affordability (the best ability?) are the most important aspects to keep in mind when in the market for plastic folding chairs, whether you’re a party rental company owner, school employee or simply a homeowner looking to get up with the get down.

If you’re looking to purchase plastic folding chairs from Home Depot or really any major retailer that's similar, keep in mind that they’re most likely just acting as a distributor for the manufacturer. When it’s out of stock, it’s out of stock and harder for them to forecast when the inventory will be replenished. 

As of right now, Home Depot offers several Blow Molded Style Plastic Folding Chairs. It’s a very comfortable seating option with a robust frame and higher weight capacity than your run of the mill plastic chairs. 

 The majority of these chairs are only available to be purchased in quantities of 4, so if you’re in the market for a single chair of 50, you might want to reconsider where you’re buying your folding chairs in bulk (Hint: it's us!).

You won't find our TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chair anywhere else but EventStable

In comparison, at EventStable we offer quantity discounts and free shipping deals on all of our Plastic Folding Chairs and Blow Molded Plastic Folding Chairs

Another popular seller for us over here is our folding table and chair bundles that were designed with the party rental industry in mind and geared more toward the commercial buyer. More chairs, more tables for less money

Metal Folding Chairs

Ask Stone Cold about our metal folding chair durability.

Photo Source: https://sites.psu.edu/

Durable, comfortable and easy to maintain, metal folding chairs are a valuable asset to own. If you’ve been to a school graduation or even a local tag sale, you’ve sat in a steel frame folding chair and if you grew up in the 80's & 90’s, you saw a fake wrestler get hit in the head by a very real one.

Home Depot offers metal folding chairs with fabric padding, vinyl padding and folding chairs with no padding. Much like the plastic folding chairs discussed above, the majority of these chairs are offered in packs of 4 or 2 with a fairly reasonable shipping cost - about $16.

While the price point might be what you’re looking for it’s important to remember that Home Depot is just a retail store. They don’t manufacture the chairs themselves nor do they stand by the quality quite like somebody who’s dedicated to the event furniture industry like - That’s where our experts at EventStable come in.  

Call any of us during our regular business hours and we’d be more than happy to assist you. Don’t like the price for one of our Fabric Padded Folding Chairs? We offer quantity discounts, free shipping deals and we’re willing to work with you if you’d like to submit a quote through the website.

Other Folding Chairs from Home Depot


While metal and plastic folding chairs might be the gem of the event industry, there are several alternative residential options for sale at Home Depot. 

Folding lawn chairs, directors chairs, an interesting “leather” folding chair(easy now) and generic infinity chairs that your 80 year old neighbor Ida uses to sun herself on the patio(good for her!) were just a few of the more non-commercial chairs we found featured on their website.

Let's Go To The Judges Score Card

So what's the verdict? Home Depot might be better suited for more residential items(they seem to have a handle on those things) and we over here at EventStable are there for everything else commercial related. We're happy to co-exist together. 

Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

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January 3, 2020
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