Guide To Farm Tables

By Breanna Williams
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Guide To Farm Tables

Rustic weddings and distressed aesthetics have been all the rage in the wedding and venue world lately.

These sturdy wood tables can often compliment many rustic interiors, barn venues, and even farmhouse decor.

This guide will go into depth about EventStable’s farm table collection, to assist you in choosing the best farm table for your needs.

What Different Farm Tables Can I Buy?

We have three types of Farm tables at EventStable that come in various sizes and heights.

Our Folding Farm Tables are made from solid pine wood, and feature black steel support bars for increased durability.

The folding tables come in both a standard 8' x 40'' Dining Table, and a Kid’s Table option!

EventStable also carries Reclaimed Elm Wood farm tables. These options have stationary legs, and are great for venues where they’ll stay put.

The Reclaimed Elm tables come in an 8' x 40'' banquet option, 60'' Round, and a Cocktail Table! 

The rectangular table features two different options for the legs; H-legs, and a cross-leg pattern.

The Cocktail round and 60” Round tables both have thick, durable cross-leg bases.

The third Farm Table option is our 8' x 40'' Solid-Pine Parson’s inspired table.

This farm table is a standard rectangular dining table, and features two different leg options. The legs can either be a straight-leg, or elegant curved legs.

These tables do not fold, so they are great for venues where they don’t need to be transported often.

How Many People Can Sit at a Farm Table?


Solid Pine Folding Farm Table (8’ x 40”)


Solid Pine Kid’s Folding Farm Table (6’ x 30”)

6-8 kids

Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table (8’ x 40”)


Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table (60” Round)


Reclaimed Elm Wood Cocktail Table (36” Round)

2-3 standing

Parson’s Inspired Farm Table (8’ x 40”)


How Should I Store My Farm Tables?

Although each of these Farm Tables are meant to be commercial grade, it is important to take proper care of your farm tables for maximum life.

Keep in mind that these tables are made from solid wood- which means that they can easily be affected by the weather.

Moisture and heat can cause expansion and wood splitting, so it’s important to keep these in a cool, dry place during use and/or storage.

Although wood also makes these susceptible to scratches- the natural grain makes scrapes a lot harder to see.

If one does peek through, you can easily match a wood stain to the table, and keep a jar of stain on hand for any nicks or dings.


If you’re shopping with us here at EventStable, we even offer a Farm Table Cover.

The cover fits over any of our 8’x40” farm tables for extra added protection.

The cover has quilted, padded fabric to cover the table top, and sturdy canvas to protect the edges from any scratches or scrapes while storing or moving the table.

What Chairs and Linens Should I Pair With Farm Tables?

The most popular style of chair we see with farm tables are the Cross Back chairs.

The commercial grade crossbacks share a similar rustic feel as the farm tables, and come in various shades to match your tone.

Burlap accessories paired with Farm Tables and Cross Back chairs can make perfect accessories for a barn themed event.

The Titan Series Industrial Metal Chairs can also be paired with our Farm Table collection for more of a rugged look.

Standard table cloths can be used on farm tables, however part of the beauty of these are the natural wood grain and color variations.

This feature makes tablecloths optional for these tables. If you’d rather let the natural beauty of the table shine, table runners can be used to add a pop of color to the centers! 

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Farm Tables are made from solid wood. In terms of weight, these tables are hefty.

This does mean that these tables are a bit more difficult to transport, and are more susceptible to damage if dropped or if they’re not properly secured during transit.

With this in mind, extra care should be taken when moving Farm Tables to avoid any possible chipping or cracking. The weights for each of the previously mentioned tables are listed here-

Solid Pine Folding Farm Table (8’x40”)

95 lbs.

Solid Pine Kid’s Folding Farm Table (6’x30”)

59 lbs.

Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table (8’x40”)

130 lbs.

Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table (60” Round)

114 lbs.

Reclaimed Elm Wood Cocktail Table (36” Round)

63.4 lbs.

Parson’s Inspired Farm Table (8’x40”)

98 lbs.

Depending on the Farm Table, some assembly may be required after they arrive.

The Reclaimed Elm tables, and Parson’s inspired tables all require the legs/bases to be attached.

Assembly is simple, and all the hardware needed is included with the tables. This is beneficial for longer transits, or long-term storage, if you need the extra space. 

Since Farm Tables do weigh more than a typical Wood or Plastic Folding Table, freight can become expensive.

Luckily, if you’re shopping with EventStable- we do offer free shipping deals with bulk orders! 

If you’re looking for a classic table that compliments a rustic theme, Farm Tables might be just right for you!

If you have any questions about Farm Tables, you can always reach out to our customer service team for expert product knowledge.

Whether you’re a venue, restaurant, or wedding rental company- Farm Tables are a great addition to any business ready to spice up their interior.

Author: Breanna Williams

Breanna is a Customer Service specialist on the EventStable team. She lives on the sunny Central Coast of California with her bobtail cat, Jackie. Outside of work, you can typically find her at the beach or playing video games with her friends! Oh, and she really loves soup. 

March 29, 2020
Sue Chehrenegar
April 2, 2020 at 8:53 PM
I wanted to share some information on a potential use for a farm table. At one time the women's group in Doylestown, PA wanted to raise money for the hospital. They arranged to have different decorators select the decor and furniture in various rooms within a local farmhouse. People paid to walk through the house and view the different rooms.
April 3, 2020 at 10:01 AM
Interesting. Thanks for your insight!