Get The Look of the First Thanksgiving!

Get The Look of the First Thanksgiving!
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Get The Look of the First Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for here at EventStable.  Good jobs, great customers, and loving families top the list.

Adding to all that, we have the privilege of being able to track our own event equipment all the way back to the very first Thanksgiving!

What??  You don't believe me?  See for yourself!


Now you're one of the few who know more about the true activities that took place some 400 years ago.  After a decadent feast, the early settlers and Native Americans busted a move on a black and white checkered dance floor.

Get The Look

  1. Vineyard Oak Cross Back Chairs
  2. Wooden Chiavari Chairs
  3. 8'x30'' Plywood Folding Banquet Table
  4. Polyester Tablecloths
  5. Black and White Checkered Vinyl Dance Floor
  6. Spandex Cocktail Table Covers


Go with the company that the early settlers have trusted for centuries!

Seriously, we hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

September 3, 2019