Event Furniture for Everyday Use

Event Furniture for Everyday Use
March 23, 2020 62 view(s)

Event Furniture for Everyday Use

It doesn't matter if you're a party rental company or venue owner, wedding planner, excutive at goldman sachs or a manager at the local coffee shop - we all need to bring our work home at some point.

When it's time to turn the living room or bedroom into the penthouse office, you're going to need fast, temporary tables and chairs that you can use in your residential setting.

It's only fitting that our commercial-grade furniture can also pull double duty for all your commercial business needs, so you can plan your next big event while keeping little Nora occupied enough to keep her from burning holes in the wall. 

In this post we'll look at just some of our most popular wholesale folding tables and chairs that are event industry quality and home office approved.

Bi-Fold or Fold In Half Tables

It's not just a company line when we say commercial grade quality with residential ability. Our Bi-fold tables are from the same TitanPRO™ mold as your typical 6 foot and 8 foot banquet folding tables.

While we do sell 72'' and 96'' fold in half tables, we also offer more managable sizes for everyday use, like our 4' adjustable height table and 5' bi-fold table.

If you've ever been concious of your storage space, fear not. Each table easily folds in half, costing you 50% of the space a normal banqut table might take up.

The last feature but maybe the best, a handle accompanies each table to easily transport and carry.

TitanPRO™ 24'' x 48'' Adjustable Height Plastic Bi-Folding Table

It doesn't matter if you need a quick table to work from home or want to try to keep the kids occupied, this 24'' x 48'' table adjusts to the height you need

With the capability to adjust from 22.25'', standard 29.5'', and 32.5'', this table is basically our version of a choose your own adventure book.

Sewing table, tailgate table, snack table, card table, makeshift corner desk; it truly is a one of a kind utlility folding table.

TitanPRO™ Plastic TV Dinner Table

It's the same story and theme as before. Party rental tested, home owner approved. 

During those billable hours you might use it as a side table for guests.

When it's time to return back to home base, the TV Dinner Table seamlessy folds up into two pieces, pictured here

Much like the previous bi-fold table, being able to adjust to different heights is what really puts it above the rest. 

Sitting as low as 18.5'', to as high as 29'' with a stop at 25'' in the middle for those that just can't seem to find the perfect working height, this might be our most universally used folding table. 

User Tip: I like to set an extra TV on it next to the main one and have my own private sports bar in the living room, but that's just me.


Folding Bar Stools

Not everybody has the pleasure(or displeasure) of working from a dining table. Most apartments and event venues sacrifice table space for more of a bar height seating.

What's the number one complaint you hear about bar height seating? Back support. You could be Vlade Divac or Peter Dinklage; if you have a back, it needs some supporting. 

Luckily, our commercial-grade plastic folding bar stool with backrest was designed to help with just that issue. 

To top it all off, or bottom, a convenient foot rest is placed 13'' from the floor to provide a place for your feet..to rest.

Sturdy(think the length of springsteen's career), easy to clean(tell corona and flu to scram), easy to move(only 13 lbs, less than your toddler), economical and extra wide comfortable seating(don't break the bank while not having to break your back).

When the job is done or the party's over, easily fold the bar stool up and store in the nearest closet - or coat rack if you decide to take the job to the nearest watering hole.

When the party's over for the customer, your job is most likely just beginning. You demand products that can work for you around the clock

That's why EventStable is with you every step of the way. From our expert customer service to our wholesale tables and chairs that can be used 24/7, inside or outside, from the buffet line to the breakfast in your living room.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We're here and ready to help in every way we can!

Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

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