Essential Tablecloths for Party Rental Companies

Essential Tablecloths for Party Rental Companies
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Essential Tablecloths for Party Rental Companies

You can’t spell Event Stable without “table”, so it’s safe to assume that we know more than just a little about these essential event rental items. And we aren’t just experts on rented banquet tables either. Table linens are another one of our specialties, and there’s a lot that you, as a special events rental company or venue manager, should know about them.

When a client is booking an event, they likely haven’t considered what tablecloths they’ll need beyond perhaps a preferred color. Instead, clients tend to focus on the big items: chairs, tables, flower arrangements, and so on. This means that they’re going to rely on your expert advice when it comes to linens, so it’s up to the venue managers to help guide customers with recommendations that won’t just fulfill their expectations, but protect your bottom line as well.

How are you supposed to find the highest quality, easiest to maintain, and still affordable banquet table linens for sale?

No problem — polyester tablecloths.

Spotless linens elevate every event, making them a crucial item in your rental inventory.

We asked a few party rental experts about what they’d do differently if they were investing in brand-new banquet tablecloths. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Fred Testor, Taylor Rental (Wilton, CT)

“Simply put, I'd stick to poly[ester]. I [would] like to start over with pure poly! No blends, no "cottonique", etc. I'd [exchange] the feel of poly for not having fading issues and harder-to-keep-clean issues ANY day of the week!”


David Smiley, Alpine Party Rentals (Eagle, CO)

“We are almost 100% Spun Poly. It's more expensive, more difficult to take care of and it makes it harder to subrent, but our clients like it. But...if I were in a different market, I would go straight poly.”

All of Event Stable’s polyester tablecloths are heavyweight, commercial-grade poly that includes a narrow rolled serge hem for longevity. Plus, we only provide banquet table linens for sale that are easy to care for, yet resilient enough to be used and washed many times over.

And maintenance is a cost no rental company can ignore. Banquet tablecloths can be one of the most profitable items in your inventory, but unless you can preserve a spotless appearance use after use, you can watch your profits go down the drain. You might be able to get away with nicked-up banquet tables by covering them with round tablecloths, but the tablecloths themselves need to be picture-perfect every single time.

That’s what makes polyester tablecloths the right choice for party rental companies and event venues. You’ll never go wrong with the basics of black, white, gold, and ivory, and that’s exactly why Event Stable provides the most popular selections in the most popular sizes to correspond with our cocktail tables, wood folding tables, and more. Plus, all tablecloth orders over $99 placed with Event Stable qualify for free shipping!

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Don’t find yourself spending more money later because your linens aren’t standing the test of time. Give us a call today at 866-360-4642 to find the perfect polyester tablecloths for your company today.

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September 3, 2019