Contract Clauses That Venues Might Not Think Of

Contract Clauses That Venues Might Not Think Of
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Venues might not realize how costly (both financially and timewise) cleaning chairs can be after events — especially outdoor ones, where chairs can get muddy or wet. Tacking on a cleaning fee or stipulation that all rented event chairs must be returned in their original condition can help ensure that you don’t get stuck with a fleet of chairs that need to be hand-washed before the next event. (And if they are returned in poor condition, you’ll be able to recoup some — if not all — of the cleaning expense.)

When you have a large amount of rental furniture that gets used on a regular basis, it’s understood that eventually, chairs will wear out, tables will buckle, and tents will be too ragged to use. That’s just a reality. However, there are times where, intentionally or not, venues will receive items back damaged or broken beyond repair.

When that happens, it tends to be up to the venue’s discretion to determine if an additional charge to the customer is appropriate, but unless you have this option added to the contract ahead of time, you might find yourself eating the entire replacement cost no matter what the circumstances are.

No matter if you rent out chairs for events to an offsite location or you are hosting an onsite party, occasionally you’ll run into “The Party That Never Ends”. Nobody ever wants to be the one to shut down a good time, but what about the clock ticking for your employees? What if you’re counting on some of the event chairs or tables for an event directly afterwards? Make sure your payroll is protected by adding a late fee onto your contracts. If anything, it’ll discourage clients from taking their sweet time and your sweet profits.

In the hospitality industry, working weekends and holidays are a given. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be compensated for working while others are playing. Consider adding a holiday charge (either a percentage or flat rate) to contracts. It doesn’t have to be substantial, but it’s a fair way to make a few extra dollars during Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.

Most of the time, venues don’t need to worry about offsite events (that’s more of a party rental company’s territory), but large venues may have multiple spaces that require the same set-up and teardown as party rental companies. Make sure your contract specifically states whether you are required to simply deliver the agreed-upon rental items (like event chairs, tables, tents, etc.) or if you are responsible for setting them up to the customer’s specifications as well. You might be surprised at how often this is not clarified ahead of time!

Hopefully with these tips, your venue will be prepared for just about anything!

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September 3, 2019
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