Chiavari Chairs - How to Quickly and Safely Unwrap Your New Shipment

Chiavari Chairs - How to Quickly and Safely Unwrap Your New Shipment

When I first got into the rental business, the very first chairs I put into inventory were not what most rental store owners go with right out the gate.  I didn't start with samsonite chairs.  I didn't buy wood folding chairs.

I went all out, and decided to buy chiavari chairs.  

About 240 fruitwood to be specific.  I'll talk more about why I made that decision in a future blog post.


While having been on the wholesale side prepared me for the amount of space the chairs would take up, I was not ready for the considerable undertaking that is unwrapping a large shipment of chiavari chairs.

This is how the chairs are going to look when they come out of the box.  

I shipped up my new chairs about two weeks before first booked event for 200 people.  They sat in the warehouse, in boxes, for most of the next two weeks.  I didn't start un-boxing and unwrapping the chairs soon enough.  I was one in a two man team at the time, armed with two utility knives and some music from the 60's in the background.


Say no to utility blades.

We attacked the task of unwrapping chairs with the same ferocity that anyone would.   I may have been a little more careful than my helper, but we managed to get them all ready for rental.

In the process, there were about 25 sliced chairs and one sliced knuckle.

What did we do wrong?  We were using utility blades instead of hook blades.


Each rung is wrapped with tape all the way around. Doing this protects the chair during shipping, but it difficult to unwrap.


The problem with using a utility blade to unwrap chiavari chairs is that there's too much opportunity to slice into the finish of the chair, particularly in the rungs and areas where they wrap 360° around the chair frame.  The knife will go right through the foam paper (PU film) and into the chair




Solve this problem and unwrap the chairs much more quickly by using hook blades.  the sharp edge is on the inside, and the thin foam gives you just enough of a margin to slide the blade in underneath the tape to easily slice it without slicing the chair.

Shaped like an eagle talon, you'll appreciate the design as you unwrap the first chair. 

You can get hook blades at just about any hardware store.  They fit right into the utility blade holder you already own, so it's a very small investment that will pay off big when you get your chiavari chairs and start unwrapping them.



September 3, 2019