Chiavari Chairs For Every Season

Chiavari Chairs For Every Season
October 22, 2020 118 view(s)
Chiavari Chairs For Every Season

Here at EventStable we know a thing or two about Chiavari chairs. Still one of our bestselling stacking chairs to date, Chiavari chairs are a classic seating choice for almost every occasion. 

Some people might think these elegant chairs are only suitable for indoor ballroom venues but we’re here to tell you that there are Chiavari chairs made for every season. 

Speaking of seasons, we’re well into fall and if you haven’t heard, we’re having a Fall Chiavari Chair Event where you can save big on select Chiavari chairs.

By select, we mean ever resilient resin Chiavari chairs but we’ll get more into their benefits later. 

Today we’re here to talk about Chiavari chairs and the seasons and when we say seasons, yes we mean spring, summer, fall and winter but we also mean seasons of life.

Let’s dive into how and which Chiavari chairs suit each type of event or milestone. 

Before we get into the seasons though, we recommend checking out our Chiavari Buyers Guide so you can brush up on the different styles of these chairs - Aluminum Chiavari Chairs, Wood Chiavari Chairs or Resin Chiavari Chairs.


Fall has become a more popular season for weddings than summer. With beautiful fall foliage we can understand why! This often means that more ceremonies and receptions are kept outside so the colored leaves are the backdrop.

Mahogany, Black or Dark Brown resin or aluminum Chiavari chairs are the perfect pairing for these autumn celebrations. Their colors not only complement the setting, but durable resin and aluminum make them perfect for outdoor use.

In fall and winter we welcome the holiday season and events are brought indoors. Whether it is an intimate Thanksgiving gathering, a corporate Christmas party or a New Years wedding, this is where Wood Chiavari Chairs in gold, silver or champagne make their appearance.

Customer Averi Jade


After the midst of winter, everyone is eager for spring and summer to get outside and celebrate graduations, anniversaries, weddings and more. These outdoor events call for light and bright while also needing the outside durability factor.

That makes resin Chiavari chairs in clear, white or champagne perfect for spring and summer celebrations. 

Photo via customer The Clay Theatre

We bet you didn’t think Chiavari Chairs could be this versatile! But that’s why we’re here. EventStable is your every season source for Chiavari chairs.  Let us know how we can help you choose the perfect Chiavari chairs for your needs. 

Author: Larah Winn

Larah is the creative and marketing specialist here at EventStable. She lives in the old axe factory town of Collinsville, Connecticut with her husband and dog Baya. In her free time you can find her helping her husband restore their 1860's cottage.

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