Bi-Folding Tables

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Bi-Folding Tables are plastic tables that fold in half down the center to provide easier carrying and storage.

Bi-Folds are great for tailgates, parties, and even temporary work spaces. Here at EventStable, we offer heavy duty rectangular bi-folding tables in various lengths and heights; one for your every need!

What Kind of Bi-Folding Tables are There?

At EventStable, we offer a 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft long tables in a standard 30” wide rectangle.

We also carry a 4ft table that is 24” wide, and features adjustable legs so you can change the height of the table with ease! 

There are two models of table, the TitanPRO and Titan Series. Both models are commercial grade, heavy duty tables.

Titan Series are made from a heavy duty, HDPE material.

The TitanPRO tables are made from a stain-resistant, blow molded top to increase durability and strength. Both models are great for rentals, and long-lasting home use, but the Titan PROs are quite a bit stronger and even feature an extended product warranty!

What Makes a Bi-Folding Table Better?

The center-fold on these tables cut storage space in half, so you can fit more tables in a smaller space.

The compact table also features a carrying handle for easy transportation and quick lifting.

The handle secures in place underneath the table top when it’s in use for easy camouflage!

When you’re ready to go, you can simply undo the gravity-locks on the legs and snap the table top together with the locking mechanism for safe carrying!

Our Bi-Folding tables also feature non-marring floor glides, so you never have to worry about scuffing up floors with these tables!

The best part about the floor glides, is that EventStable even carriers replacement glides in the event one or two fall off in a few years.

The adjustable bi-folding table features 3 different height settings. The lowest, (22.25”) is great for kid’s seating or even as a kiddo’s table at your next family Thanksgiving!

The center height is about the same as a standard table, for easy use as a desk or buffet table.

The highest setting (32,5”) works wonderfully as a tailgate table, standing desk, or even a sewing station!

TitanPRO™ 24'' x 48'' Adjustable Height Plastic Bi-Folding Table






3 Years


3 Years


3 Years

If you’re looking for a heavy duty table, that is easy to move and store, and is going to last for years to come- Bi-Folding tables might be right for you!

From backyard barbecues, to your home office, to your next company conference- bi-folding tables can be some of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there.

If you’re shopping with us here at EventStable, you can even qualify for free shipping and bulk discounts when ordering a large quantity.

If you ever have any questions about bi-folding tables, or if they’re right for you, our customer service team here at EventStable is happy to assist picking the best tables for your needs.

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April 5, 2020
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