Avoid the Summer Sizzle with These Market Umbrellas

Avoid the Summer Sizzle with These Market Umbrellas
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By Connor Rusinko
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Avoid the Summer Sizzle with These Market Umbrellas

Sunburns suck. There’s no other way to describe them. And with summer in full swing, without the protection of market umbrellas or natural shade, the chance of getting crispy during an event is higher than ever.

No one wants to sit in the sun all day, but it’s a busy season for outdoor events. How can you prevent your guests from sizzling in the sunshine during weddings, graduations and other parties?


Well, if your venue or the event location doesn’t already have natural tree coverage, you’ll want to have some other shady options available to add to a rental package. These include market umbrellas or even rental tents for larger areas. With a few of these sun-stopping options in your inventory, you’ll be able to bump up rental package margins and leave your guests sunburn-free!

From the classic white outdoor umbrella to giant pole tents, here are a few shady selections to consider adding to your party rental inventory.

Octagonal Market Umbrellas

Although there are tons of colors, pole materials and other filters you can use to find the perfect market umbrellas for your stock, the most common shape you’ll find is octagonal umbrellas. There even half octagonal umbrellas for tables against the wall or in a smaller area.

Starting at just $52.99 wholesale, these versatile market umbrellas are the most commonly asked for style of umbrellas for party rental companies, so having at least a few of them available will help you protect your bottom line, no matter what season. Pair them with a few offset umbrella bases and you’ll be in business in no time.

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Square market umbrellas are also very commonly used, and while they don’t come in quite as many colors as octagonal, they’re perfect for cafe tables or in a granite umbrella stand. Plus, stretching 8 ½ feet across, these outdoor umbrellas cover a huge area to provide maximum protection. Each one comes with a spun polyester cover, birch pole, and double pulley system to easily open and close. Starting at $61.99 wholesale.

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Hexagonal Market Umbrellas

At a whopping 9 feet across, our hexagonal market umbrellas provide superior shade anywhere they’re set up. Set up is a snap with their lightweight aluminum frames and hand crank, and these can be used in the center of tables or in an umbrella stand very easily.

In 5 colors and just $68.99 wholesale, party rental companies and venues with outdoor spaces can’t go wrong with these heavy-duty market umbrellas.

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Umbrella Accessories

From cast iron to granite umbrella bases, we have plenty to choose from if you want your umbrellas to stand alone. If you’re a party rental company that moves from place to place often, you’ll likely want to pick a few of these up to give yourself some options for every event.

If you’re an event venue with a more permanent outdoor setup, most of our umbrellas also fit in the center of tables, so you can opt for either approach.

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Tents & Canopies

When an umbrella or two isn’t going to cut it, it’s time to pull out the big guns — a.k.a. some tents and canopies. Generally used for bigger events, these will ensure that your event will go off without any sunny interference. Plus, these large-ticket items will boost your bottom line and with a little TLC can last for years.

Event Stable has a huge selection of sizes and styles (including cross cable tents, frame tents and many more), so even if you’re hesitant to invest in such a large item, there’s plenty to choose from that will fit your needs and budget.

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Sunny days are great for keeping people happy, but giving them shady options will ensure that every one of your events goes from simply “good” to “amazing”. Prepare yourself for the warm outdoor months by calling us at 866-360-4642 today to find out what shipping deals we can offer you on umbrellas and canopies!

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September 12, 2019