Are Folding Chair Covers Worth The Investment?

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Are Folding Chair Covers Worth The Investment?

Folding chairs are a key part of any rental company’s inventory, so it’s crucial to protect your valuable investment. The catch-22 is that you’ll get the best ROI the more that you use your folding chairs… but the more you use your folding chairs, the more likely it is for damage to occur.

How can you balance maintenance with profits?

Many venues and party rental companies use folding chair covers to find a sweet spot for their own businesses, but is investing in folding chair covers right for you?

It’s time to find out.

What are folding chair covers?

Folding chair covers are specifically designed to fit folding chair styles and provide the greatest protection for both indoor and outdoor folding chairs. There are also chair covers for non-folding styles like Chiavari chairs and crossbacks that protect different chairs in a similar fashion. Unlike these non-folding styles, however, folding chair covers are primarily used before and after events and not as decorative accents during events. You can view all chair covers here, or keep reading for even more information.

Why would my rental company need them?

Folding chair covers help you transport and store your inventory with protection, which minimizes scratches, dust, breaking or any other sort of damage during set-up and teardown. They help protect your investment over the life of the chairs, allowing you to fully capitalize and profit off of your investment. Of course, using folding chair covers is just one way you can protect your folding chairs. Using a folding chair cart for transporting stacks of chairs also helps to save time, energy and money during every event and allows your team to efficiently transport and store your folding chairs with ease. Regular inspections as well as standard maintenance (like wiping off spills or grass after each event) also help to extend the life of your chairs.

What styles are available, and what folding chairs do they fit?

There are a variety of different folding chair covers to fit different needs. Here are a few options so you can find the best ones for your needs:

Waterproof Folding Chair Stack CoverWaterproof Folding Chair Stack Cover

Made from waterproof military-surplus polyester, this versatile folding chair cover can snugly drape over a stack of up to 30 resin or wooden folding chairs. Starting at $75.99, this is a perfect option for businesses that regularly find themselves renting chairs for outdoor events or operate in rainier locations.

Waterproof Folding Chair CoverFolding Chair Bag

With a reinforced bottom, strap and handle, this heavy-duty waterproof chair bag makes moving and storing folding chairs easy. Starting at $24.99, this folding chair bag is prized by rental companies who have a smaller inventory of folding chairs or want extra protection for their stock. It holds 4 chairs and is even lined with rubber to reduce static electricity. This is an amazing low-cost option!

Folding Chair Cover Rice BagRice Bag Folding Chair Cover

For more economically-minded rental companies or venues, a rice bag chair cover is the perfect option. Its lightweight design can effectively protect your chairs without any fuss or frills. Slip it over a chair in storage or en route to an event - it works as well either way. And at $1.50 per bag (each one fits 1 chair), it’s the best budget-friendly option out there.

Folding Chair Stack CoverStandard Folding Chair Stack Cover

Our best-selling folding chair cover does it all: keeps off dirt and dust, securely fastens closed for transporting to and from events, and comes in a variety of sizes to fit whatever folding chairs you have. Best of all? At $18.99, your budget will love this option as much as your inventory will. This folding chair cover can fit over a stack of up to 25 resin or wooden folding chairs, or up to 50 plastic folding chairs (including the cart or dolly). For larger stacks or chair styles, additional sizes are available.

Where can I buy wholesale folding chair covers?

Luckily, we here at Event Stable have done the legwork for you so you don’t need to look far for high-quality, party-tested, commercial-grade folding chair covers. Click the link below to view all chair cover options, or give us a call at 866-360-4642 to speak with one of our rental experts.

View All Folding Chair Covers

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September 3, 2019