6 Ways to Prepare Your Party Rental Showroom for Engagement Events

6 Ways to Prepare Your Party Rental Showroom for Engagement Events
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6 Ways to Prepare Your Party Rental Showroom for Engagement Events

Take your engagement events a step further with these 6 tips for prepping your showroom. You'll discover how to increase social media attention, thrill your guests, and improve profits at your engagement events.

#1 Audit your online presence.

  • Double check all your website links.
  • Be sure your homepage caters to engaged couples and promotes your in-store events.
  • Create special lead-capture forms that target and tag engaged couples so you can market appropriately.
  • Show off your raving reviews.
  • Make sure your wedding-related images (and thumbnails) are stunning.
  • Sparkle on Instagram and Pinterest (often the first stop for brides-to-be).

#2 Check your Inventory.

Now is the time to double check your furniture inventory. Keep the basics on hand and be sure to invest in a handful of trending and popular furniture choices. This will let couples browse their choices in person, leading to quicker decision-making.

#3 Polish your showroom and create a tactile experience.

Your guests will expect a clean, polished party rental showroom. They'll arrive at your doors hoping to check out plenty of stunning displays that let them get a close-up view of colors and sizes.

Take it a step further by adding tactile displays, especially if your buyer personas are millennials. This generation is tapped in online 24 hours a day. They often crave the type of sensory experiences that can only be offered in-person.

The most lasting impressions you can make are the kind that offer something that they can't get online.

Encourage shoppers to feel the linens and take a seat in your displays. Consider adding some fresh flowers to your showroom to create a light floral scent. Get creative with displays that can offer different types of tactile experiences.

Give your guests a pleasant experience that includes plenty of food for the senses, and it will stay embedded in their memories for a long time

#4 Get your referrals ready.

Referrals to party planners and other wedding-related vendors are a great way to make things easier for your potential customers.

Hopefully, you've built good relationships with other vendors that you can refer business to. If not, do a bit of research and talk to some local vendors so you can select a few favorites.

Print some hand-out resource guides and be sure to include your business name and contact information in the footer of every page. Resource guides are a great opportunity to create long-lasting (and practically free) advertising for your party rental business.

Be sure your printed guides are available as blog posts or PDF downloads that you can email directly to people who request an electronic copy.

This is also a good time to think about offering a simple wedding planning calendar if you don't already. Handout a basic timeline for wedding planning and offer a more comprehensive guide at your website.

#5 Make it quick and easy for couples to throw an engagement party

Many couples throw an engagement party within the first couple months of the proposal. But others hesitate or skip it altogether because - who wants to plan details of an additional event during the most romantic time of your life?

If you hope to catch some engagement-party business at your events, make it easy for them. Work with some of your local vendors to create an ''engagement party in a box'' (but please don't call it that) for your guests.

Keep it simple enough that they can fill out a short form and schedule a complete engagement party in under 5 minutes. You might not include a wide range of choices, but you can let your customers know that upsells and alternate options are available.

#6 Offer fun and unique ways for couples to announce their engagement on social media

Grab some social media buzz by offering fun or romantic ways for couples to ''break the news'' from your showroom. If they haven't announced their engagement on social media yet, it's a perfect opportunity!

One way to do this is to create a fabulous photo setting that announces the news for them. But you and your team can find inspiration and thousands of ideas by Googling. Try a search on ''experiential marketing'' or ''how to break the news.''

#7 Integrate social media

  • Encourage social media interaction during your event by creating memorable experiences that inspire couples to share.
  • Get your # hashtag ready.
  • Have one of your employees play ''news reporter'' and interview the couples about how they met. Edit it into a heartwarming video that they'll keep forever, with the potential to go viral on social media.


What are some of the ways you've made your engagement events stand out? We'd love to hear them! Drop by our Facebook page and share your ideas.

By: Rhonda Bradley

September 3, 2019