6 Rental Essentials for a Successful Wedding

6 Rental Essentials for a Successful Wedding
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Most party rental companies and event venues make the bulk of their profit on one type of event: weddings. These special occasions range from casually simple to wildly elaborate, meaning the best rental companies have a wide variety of rental items to cater to the most clients they possibly can.

However, it’s impossible for most companies to keep numerous types of event chairs or banquet tables on hand for every possible scenario. Still, you need to make sure that your inventory contains the most requested items so you can accommodate as many parties as you have availability for.

From high top tables to Chiavari chairs, here are the items you must have on hand for successful weddings.

Chiavari Chairs

As the go-to wedding chair for every budget imaginable, Chivari chairs continue to be the gold standard for wedding seating. They’re perfect as reception chairs as well as for the ceremony, and their timeless shape allows them to blend into any decor scheme you can think of. Plus, Chiavari chairs are generally more formal than regular banquet chairs, making them appropriate for such a special occasion without being overly stuffy.

As such commonly requested rental items, it’s easy to find Chiavari chairs for sale in a variety of colors and materials, making them easy to replace whenever you need. Check out our selection here to find commercial-grade, party-tested Chiavaris to add to your inventory today.

Portable Bars

While not every wedding includes alcohol, the vast majority of American weddings do. Portable bars are a crucial item to have in your rental catalog to ensure you have at least a few on hand for this generally alcohol-friendly events (especially if you tend to set up a lot of outdoor weddings).

Banquet Tables

Guests need a place to eat, drink, and be merry! And the best place to do that is — you guessed it — at rented event tables. A 6 foot folding table is convenient, sturdy, fits most standard wedding linens, and accommodates white wedding chairs nicely. Big weddings, small weddings, banquet tables always fit the bill.

If you need to find larger wedding tables for sale, there are also 8 foot folding tables and banquet rounds for options that fit more guests without needing a lot of extra storage space.

Cocktail Tables

Weddings are a chance for guests to mingle, dance, and catch up with friends and family during a joyous occasion. As people flow from the dance floor to the buffet and around the venue, they’ll most likely stop here and there to have a conversation with other guests. Where better to do that than at some high top tables?

High top cocktail tables often line the outskirts of venues during weddings for convenient stopping points. At a high top table, people can stop to chat without having to awkwardly hold their plate and drink. By having these in your rental inventory, you’ll provide a valuable and much-appreciated addition to the event.

Portable Dance Floors

It’s no secret that people love to dance at weddings. Make sure that you have a space for them to cut loose by offering portable dance floors for rent. Having these as available options for potential clients will show that you go beyond the basics and know what it takes to make a memorable wedding. Demonstrate your industry expertise by having a few options in your inventory, and get ready to watch happy guests dance the night away!

Dolly Cart

To be fair, clients won’t care if you have dolly carts in your inventory. What they will care about is your rental rate, and you can make it more competitive by streamlining your expenses. By minimizing set-up and tear-down time with a dolly cart, you’ll save on labor costs as well as potential injury liability. Plus, you’ll protect your investment (a.k.a. your Chiavari chairs, banquet tables, etc.) by using a dolly cart instead of manual labor.

If you don’t have one (or several), you should consider adding some to your stock. This crucial item can make or break your events.

Have questions? Ready to get started? Call the wedding rental experts at Event Stable at 866-360-4642 to start dominating the wedding rental industry today!

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September 12, 2019
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