3 Dining Chair Ideas For Modern Restaurants

3 Dining Chair Ideas For Modern Restaurants
May 31, 2022 35 view(s)

3 Dining Chair Ideas For Modern Restaurants

While food is the main focus in the restaurant industry, experience and ambiance can be just as important. Part of that dining experience of course, is the seating. 

These days, restaurant seating doesn’t have to be boring, it can actually be just as unique as the food that is served. That being said, we’re sharing 3 dining chair ideas for modern restaurants:

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French bistro chairs may not be a “new” restaurant dining chair but their classic look makes them still a popular choice. Great for outdoor patio dining, these chairs have that modern European sophistication that is sure to add to any dining experience.

Made of durable acacia wood and metal framing, these chairs withstand daily use and can even weather an unexpected rainstorm making them an ideal choice for a restaurant setting.

Bentwood Chairs (Thonet Chairs)

Much like the French bistro chair, Bentwood Chairs can be found around the world. Known for its signature curves, a Bentwood chair is sometimes called a Thonet Chair in honor of its creator Michael Thonet.

Given its history, the bentwood chair has stood the test of time and is more popular today than it ever has been before. The Madison Bentwood Chair is now made of durable rubberwood, making it even more ideal for modern restaurants.

Nothing screams modern more than industrial metal chairs. We see them more commonly used at breweries, distilleries, etc but combined with warm, cozy seating, these chairs are perfect for modern restaurants. In terms of durability, they can’t be matched. 

Based on the classic mid-century design, these Tolix-style metal cafe chairs suit all modern dining needs. The concave seat and curved back make for comfortable seating, something restaurant diners will appreciate.

These days, modern restaurants look to stand out with both their food and ambiance. For more restaurant furniture and accessories visit Eventstable.com.

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