24 Vintage Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

24 Vintage Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

24 Vintage Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

Vintage-style weddings are one of the most popular themes for 2018. Strictly speaking, a vintage theme is styled around turn-of-the-century antiques and Victorian details. But, the definition of “vintage wedding” has expanded over time, and now includes options from the 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s.

Today’s weddings often break the old-fashioned rules by fusing a second theme with vintage. For example, beach vintage and rustic vintage themes are gaining popularity.

The style is also referred to as “throwback” or “antique.” It’s often confused with the retro-themed weddings, which represent different eras like the 70’s and 80’s.

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In this guide, we’ll give you 24 resources you can share with future brides and grooms who want a vintage-themed wedding including:

  • Trends and styles
  • Tips and ideas
  • Decor
  • Wedding reception menus
  • Fashion
  • Hairstyles
  • Color palettes
  • Wedding guides


Vintage Wedding Trends and Styles

1. Inside Weddings, 5 Vintage Wedding Themes for Modern Brides

There are quite a number of style choices that fall under the category of “vintage themes.” Inside Weddings explains some of the options and includes examples like:

  • Beach Antique
  • English Garden
  • Great Gatsby

2. Elegant Wedding Invites, Top 8 Trends For 2015 Vintage Wedding Ideas
This article is packed with images and ideas for a variety of vintage wedding trends.

3. Deep Pearl Flowers, Top 10 Vintage Wedding Trend Ideas
This is a helpful guide that shows a number of different ways to approach vintage style by focusing on different themes, like:

  • Pearls
  • Baroque
  • Tin can decor
  • Birdcage decor

It’s a must-read for anyone considering a vintage themed wedding. It’s one of the few guides that suggest ways to personalize a wedding theme beyond style fusion and era-specific antiques.

Vintage Wedding Tips and Ideas

4. Bridal Guide’s 50 Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

This photo gallery shows off the many different types of vintage-style weddings. You’ll find unique ideas for reception and photo themes, including:

  • Reception decor, place settings, and table decor
  • Invitations and card boxes
  • Photo inspiration
  • Food and fashion

It’s a great resource for couples who are considering a vintage-themed wedding but haven’t made a final decision. The gallery is packed with both classic and creative ideas, and helps to define what the vintage style is.

5. The Knot, 13 Tips for Styling a Beautiful Vintage Wedding

These short-and-sweet tips are little gems for anyone planning a vintage wedding. The tips show how to compliment the reception with special touches like music, family history, and an antique boutonniere.

6. Woman Getting Married, 21 Vintage Wedding Ideas

People who want to plan a budget-friendly vintage reception will love this article. It offers plenty of ideas for personalizing vintage themes with sophisticated handmade items that look don’t look “cheap.”

For example, the image below shows a tip from this list on how to turn vintage pocket watches into fashion accessories.

Source: WomanGettingMarried.com

7. Hitched, 47 Vintage Ideas for Your Wedding

Packed with fun tips and photos, this is the ultimate guide to inspiration for vintage themed weddings.

8. Pinterest Vintage Wedding Ideas

Pinterest offers an endless supply of ideas and suggestions for vintage wedding themes. It’s a great starting point when considering themes because the image galleries show many different types and styles.


Decor is at the heart of throwback-style wedding themes, and browsing ideas is motivating and fun for the bride and groom. These resources offer decor-specific ideas for the bride and groom.

9. Deep Pearl Flowers, 25 Genius Vintage Wedding Decorations Ideas

10. Stylish Wedd “39 Creative Vintage Wedding Ideas with Photo Frames

11. The Knot, 28 Of The Most Inspirational Vintage Wedding Ideas

Vintage Wedding Reception Menus

There are many kinds of foods, menus, and presentations that compliment a turn-of-the-century reception. Here are some fabulous suggestions on how to add another touch of authenticity with food from the eras.

12. The Wedding Community, Menu Ideas for a Vintage Wedding

This is a must-have resource for anyone planning a reception themed around one of the 3 most popular vintage eras; the 20’s, 40’s, or 50’s. They offer helpful tips for choosing appetizers, meals, desserts, and drinks.

Also included are tips on how to add a modern twist to your vintage theme.

13. History Wedding, Vintage Wedding Food Ideas

This article defines vintage-themed meals from the most popular eras. It’s a fun read and shares a bit of history along the way.


Vintage Wedding Fashion

14. Chic Modern Brides, 10 Ways to Style Your Groom and His Men

You probably never knew throwback fashion could look so modern! Don’t miss this guide to men’s vintage attire, packed with beautiful images and style tips.

15. Unique Vintage, Wedding Guest Attire

Shop for bridesmaids, or get guests in on the fun with vintage dresses for ladies. You’ll discover reasonably-priced dress selections in every color and size imaginable.

16. Racked, NY, What to Know Before You Shop for a Vintage Wedding Dress

This in-depth article is a must-read for any bride who wants to wear a genuine vintage dress to her wedding. It covers important points like:

  • How to choose your dress
  • What you should know about alterations
  • How to keep your wedding gown in pristine condition

17. Wedding Dresses Guide, 30 Vintage Wedding Dresses You Will Fall in Love With

This guide is an excellent place for brides to start browsing ideas for wedding gowns. It includes stunning photos of brides in gowns. You’ll also discover a list of more vintage gown galleries at the bottom.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

18. PopSugar, Vintage Wedding Updo Hair Tutorial

A guide to Victorian-style hair, minus the “hat head.” This tutorial walks you through how to add texture and movement to a Victorian hairstyle. It creates a look of classic Victorian while softening the traditional lines so the hair doesn’t look too harsh.

19. Modern Wedding, Vintage Gatsby Glamour

A step-by-step guide for creating a gorgeous, Gatsby-inspired hairstyle for mid-length to long hair. Perhaps the reason this one’s such a popular choice is that the length and curls fuse classic Victorian look with a modern look.

Vintage Wedding Color Palettes

20. Elegant Wedding Invites, The 10 Perfect Fall Wedding Color Combos To Steal In 2018

This article begins with an elegant mauve and grey color palette. Image samples include beautiful florals, decor, place settings, and glassware.

The mauve and grey color palette is a perfect fit for achieving a sophisticated look.

21. Blogspotter wedding ideas: Mint blush gold vintage wedding

Here’s a bright and cheerful take on vintage weddings with colors that feel young and refreshing. It’s a perfect combination for couples wanting to fuse older elements in a way that’s light and breezy.

Couples who are drawn to antique and Victorian styles, but also want to infuse a fun feel into their theme, will love this palette.

22. Hey Wedding Lady, Vintage mint and antique seafoam

The mint and seafoam color palette lends an upbeat feel and ultra-feminine look to its surroundings. Sophisticated and elegant, it lightens the appearance of antiques for a modern twist on the Victorian era.

Vintage Wedding Guides

23. Everafter Guide, 34 Vintage Wedding Ideas You Can't Miss

This step-by-step guide is a thorough list of the style choices that the bride and groom will need to make when planning their vintage wedding. It includes standard elements like dresses and flowers, and then takes it a step further with things they might not think of, like:

  • Rings
  • Makeup
  • Liquor tables
  • Transportation
  • Aisle seating
  • Thank-you photograph

24. Wedding Wire, Vintage Wedding Style

Wedding Wire’s guide to vintage wedding style is a great starting point for couples who may not be sure what the theme entails. This article walks the reader through the major points before they decide whether or not to go with a vintage theme.

It covers information about venues, seasons, and more.

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Vintage weddings are one of the most creative, memorable themes trending today.

the rules have relaxed, and many couples are now personalizing their themed ceremonies and receptions. Fusing a second theme or focusing on specific trends from an era are great ways to add a bit of personality to throwback-style weddings.


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By: Rhonda Bradley


September 3, 2019